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Circumvents Microsoft's terrible Minecraft built-in chat filter
version 0.2.4
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Plugin Description §

Uncensor - Accent Edition

A plugin for PocketMine-MP to automatically bypass client-sided profanity filtering.

How to use

  • Drop the plugin into your plugins folder
  • Acquire the game's current profanity_filter.wlist and place it in the plugin's data folder
  • Profit!

Where do I get profanity_filter.wlist from?

You can extract it from any current version of the game. It is not included with the files for this plugin due to potential licensing issues.

How does it work?

Very simple. It simply replaces vowels with accented vowels. This ensures that it does not match client-sided filtering.

Will it interfere with any swear-filter plugins I already have?

This plugin operates directly on TextPacket as it is sent. Most swear-filter plugins will already have redacted bad words by the time the message reaches this plugin. It is therefore unlikely to interfere with existing plugins, however, this has not been tested.


  • You can bypass the profanity filter without resource packs or plugins. All you need is to replace letters with its accented alternative.

For example, "Hélló Wórld"

- On Windows, Hold "Alt Gr" key, and press a vowel. 
- On Mobile devices, hold the vowel, and press the one you want. 
  • Why did I reuse Dylan's code? Because I'm lazy and I don't want to write my own code. So it's a fork (or Spoon, if you will) of Dylan's Uncensor plugin.

using v0.2.4
01 May 24
A worthy effort to be recognized
05 May 24
Cheers. I actually made this a while back... Saw someone mention dylans old plugin on discord, and decided to update mine, and release it. Everyone should have the right to choose if they want to allow swearing on their own server without Mojang forcing it on them. It's not the best implementation, but it does the trick.

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Requirements & Enhancements
Other Requirement Extract the "profanity_filter.wlist" from any current version of the game, and put it in this plugin's data folder.. It is not included with the files for this plugin due to potential licensing issues.
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  • Collaborators:
    • @HBIDamian
    • @dktapps
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