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Make PickBlock work the same as vanilla.
version 1.1.0
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Plugin Description §

If you pick Block in PMMP, the item in your hands is changed to the block item.
This is different from working in vanilla.

In vanilla it works like :

  • When already item in hotbar, just switching hand to that hotbar.
  • When new item, Set first remaining hot bar to block-item and switching hand to that hotbar.
  • When hotbar is fulled, Set item in hand to block-item.

This plugin actually changes it to work that way.

What's new §
  • version : 1.1.0 (Complete implements vanilla pick block)
      1. Changed to move items in inventory to hot bar
      1. Ignore item creating on not creative mode
      1. if item in hand, move it to inventory

using v1.1.0
28 Apr 21
using v1.1.0
28 Dec 20

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