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Advanced vanish plugin with a lot of features
version 2.3
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Plugin Description §

VanishV2 is an advanced vanish plugin with a lot of features

  • Highly configurable
  • You can change every message from this plugin in the config
  • Hides the item/armor you are holding/wearing
  • Fake Join message/Fake leave message (configurable)
  • Option to disable damage when vanished
  • Option to allow survival fly when vanished
  • Removes you from the query list
  • Keeps you vanished after leaving (configurable)
  • Keeps you vanished after server restart (configurable)
  • Removes you from the online player list in-game
  • Stops you from picking up items when you are vanished
  • Option to see other vanished player with the permission vanish.see
  • Option to silently join/leave the server
  • Stops players from sending private messages to vanished players
  • ScoreHud support

If you have any issues you can report them here


  • /vanish: allow you to go in vanish mode

  • /v: allow you to go in vanish mode


  • vanish.use allow you to use /vanish command

  • vanish.see allow you to see other players when they are invisible

  • vanish.use.other allow you to vanish other players


  • If you are using ScoreHud v6.0.0+ use the tag {VanishV2.fake_count}

  • If you are using ScoreHud v5.2.0 or under download ScoreHud addon here

  • Download BlazinFly fixed version for VanishV2 here

What's new §
  • added config auto update
  • added an option to get a night vision effect while vanished
  • new option making players unable to send a private message to vanished players to make it look like they are offline
  • new option who allow you to stay vanished after server restart
  • Bug fix
    • removed the error message from InvMenu when the config is outdated
  • added silent join/leave
  • plugin rewrite
  • support for minecraft 1.17.10 (protocol 440)
  • support for minecraft 1.17 (protocol 440)
  • ScoreHud update
    • players with vanish.see can now see the real player count (V6+ only)
  • scorehud v6.0.0+ compatibility
    • if you are using a version of ScoreHud under v6.0.0 it will still work
  • support for minecraft 1.16.220 (protocol 431)
  • support for minecraft 1.16.210 (protocol 428)
  • support for minecraft 1.16.200 (protocol 422)
  • support for minecraft 1.16.100 (protocol 419)
  • 1.16.20
    • added 1.16.20 compatibility
  • Hud
    • hud message is now configurable
  • New feature and customisation
    • Added a command to vanish other players
    • Added vanish.use.other permission
    • messages are now customisable in the config file
    • silent chest (configurable)
    • no hunger loss (configurable)
  • New Features
    • Added ScoreHud compatibility (Addon needed, download here)
    • Players are now removed from query when they are Vanished
    • BlazinFly combat bug fix (need my custom version of BlazinFly)
  • New features
    • Added an option to allow players in survival to fly when they are vanished
    • Added an option to disable damage when a player is vanished
    • Added an option to keep the vanish mode on when a vanished player leave the server
  • added message when someone vanish or unvanish
    • when someone vanish or unvanish all players with the perm vanish.see or with op will receive a notification that someone vanished or unvanished like when someone use the give command or the tp command
  • don't forget to delete your old config file to get the new features
  • update for 3.14.0
  • Added a hud to remember you're vanished
  • Players with vanish on can no longer pickup items
  • Changed the prefix Vanish -> VanishV2
  • Updated the plugin for pocketmine 3.12.0
  • pull request from @MistakingManx
    • fixed a bug and some grammar
  • fake join message bug fixed
  • Added fake join and fake leave messages
  • Fixed bugs from @OrBuilder
    • Fixed: When a person removes the vanish, it will not reappear in the list. It has to be deco reco
    • Fixed: When a person puts on and removes the vanish, the rank from PurePerm/PureChat disappear on the nametag
  • player list update
    • op or players with vanish.see perm can now see vanished players in the playerlist
  • Added /v command
  • Update for 1.14

using v2.4
23 Sep 21
using v2.4
23 Sep 21
using v2.3
16 Aug 21
Epic & Good plugin! I thought the ScoreHud had an error, it turns out that the one with the permission "vanish.see" do not change. But if a member/guest it see changes️. Its so epic man... 😯
using v2.3
07 Aug 21
using v2.1
30 Jul 21
The plugin works flawlessly again!!! this plugin is the best!! 5 stars
using v2.0
19 Jul 21
Quality Checking Passed 👍
using v1.18
28 May 21
High quality plugin
using v1.18
13 May 21
Best plugin, thank you!
using v1.14
24 Nov 20
Great plugin serves well
using v1.13
18 Sep 20
Great work!
using v1.13
13 Aug 20
amazing works perfect!
using v1.13
13 Aug 20
Thanks for updating!
using v1.11
13 Aug 20
This is a really Useful plugin for Staff. Please update it the Protocol to 408. Thanks
using v1.11
06 Aug 20
using v1.11
04 Aug 20
using v1.10
31 Jul 20
This Plugin everytime gets better wow thanks for this Plugin!
using v1.10
26 Jul 20
using v1.7
02 Jun 20
Great, but please add a feature where if you’re vanished and you log out and log back in, you will still be vanished.
using v1.7
30 May 20
could you add a feature where if your vanished and you log out and log back in you will still be in vanish
using v1.7
19 May 20
nice update.
using v1.6
13 May 20
Very good plugin!
using v1.6
20 Apr 20
Great Plugin. Perfect for staff :)
using v1.5
25 Mar 20
Works well, great for trolling, would recommend!
using v1.5
16 Jan 20
Great Plugin... But it dosent works with scorehud...
using v1.4
29 Dec 19
is used for member perm?
using v1.0
01 Jul 20
Amazing! However when I updated to nether update it stopped working?
using v1.0
11 Dec 19
Not working with newest 1.14 pocketmine Server thread/ERROR]: Could not load plugin 'VanishV2': Incompatible network protocol version (plugin requires one of: 388)
using v1.0
01 Dec 19
Great plugins! Could you add a /v though. Players can see me online since I have to type /vanish.

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Supported API versions
PurePerms 1.4.2-c2a
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Producers §
  • Contributors:
    • @MistakingManx
License §
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