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Bring vehicles to your server !
version 0.1.13
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Plugin Description §


A PocketMine-MP plugin that brings custom drive-able vehicles to your server, made by JaxkDev

You can make your own vehicles and modify their data (speed, size etc!)

Default Vehicles:

  • Basic-Car


This is a experimental plugin and is not for performance and 100% not the best way to do such plugin but this is great experience for myself.

For Developers

Feel free to add custom vehicle classes in another plugin to customize it even more (only so much you can do in a config) or implement your own system on top of the current logic.

Vehicle NBT Structure (not including base entity data):

CompoundTag EntityNBT
 - vehicle(int) (Vehicle Version)
 - VehicleData(CompundTag)
   - type(int)
   - name(string)
   - design(string)
   - gravity(float)
   - scale(float)
   - baseOffset(float)
   - forwardSpeeed(float)
   - backwardSpeed(float)
   - leftSpeed(float)
   - rightSpeed(float)
   - bbox(ListTag)
     - x(float)
     - y(float)
     - z(float)
     - x2(float)
     - y2(float)
     - z2(float)
   - driverSeat(ListTag)
     - x(float)
     - y(float)
     - z(float)
   - passengerSeats(ListTag)
     - (ListTag) x How many seats there are
       - x(float)
       - y(float)
       - z(float)

Events will be added in the near future.


Code provided is licensed under the Open Software License ("OSL") v. 3.0 The default resource's license can be found in the resources folder.

What's new §
  • MCPE 1.17.10 Support
  • MCPE 1.17 Support
  • Protocol update for 431 (MCPE 1.16.220)
  • MCPE 1.16.210 Support (#27)
  • MCPE 1.16.200 Support
  • MCPE 1.16.100 Support
  • MCPE 1.16.20 Support
  • Change skin to trusted, no longer need to change client settings.
  • Support Protocol 407, MCPE 1.16
  • Visual updates for BasicCar.
  • New Vehicles coming soon.
  • Support MCPE 1.14.60 (protocol 390)
  • v0.1.2
    • Hotfix - Passenger seats validation fixed.
  • v0.1.1 Hotfix - Fix MC 1.14.30 movement issue.
NOTICE, Old plugin_data/vehicles is not compatible with v0.1.0 !!
  • Whole new design for external vehicles and vehicle configuration 🤯

  • Got rid of the mess left over from designs in pre-0.1.0

  • PHPStan integrates to Lvl 6.

  • No visual changes to user end.

using v0.1.12
15 Jul 21
Very good... I want to see if you can help me, in version 3.21.1 it worked for me, after the server update to 3.22.0 and the app to 17.10 I stopped working you could update please, and some link where I can download, cars, I have no pc
17 Jul 21
Updated for 1.17.10 Cars have to be custom made following some strict rules so there are no public sites that you can find cars from.
using v0.1.9
13 Mar 21
Update the plugin to 1.16.210 please
using v0.1.7
22 Nov 20
Hello, do I have a question? Are you planning to update your plugin to 1.16.100? I also want to tell you that your plugins are great.
26 Nov 20
[Edited] Updated, enjoy !
using v0.1.7
10 Oct 20
How do you make your own vehicles?
10 Oct 20
Check the wiki over here,
using v0.1.7
28 Aug 20
Very good plugin, will add my own cars. For now 4 stars because car is not able to ride up stairs or slabs. But other than that amazing plugin.
20 Sep 20
Thanks, once/if i get time i will look at implementing the half blocks allowance.
using v0.1.7
18 Aug 20
Great but How to spawn a Car ??
18 Aug 20
Check in-game help, /vehicles spawn <vehicle>
using v0.1.6
28 Jun 20
Could you please make the vehicles go up slabs, and otherwise it's ok
28 Jun 20
It’s a planned feature, once I get time I will implement it, PR’s are welcome !
using v0.1.3
16 May 20
I like it but do you also have like stop signs etc if yes can you tell me how i spawn them?
17 May 20
No, they got removed very early on because they don’t match the logic needed like vehicles I split the plugin into two, I am yet to finish the customObjects plugin.
using v0.1.2
16 Apr 20
Amazing mod
using v0.1.2
13 Apr 20
using v0.1.2
11 Apr 20
using v0.1.2
11 Apr 20
Can u create more Cars? Nice plugin :)
11 Apr 20
Possibly in the future but right now thats a VERY low priority as users can make their own !
using v0.1.1
30 Mar 20
using v0.1.0
13 Feb 21
Hello, this plugin is really cool, although i had a problem when i tried to add my own vehicle, on the github link i cant download the file that i am supposed to place on the plugin_data vehicles folder, the link says 404 not found
using v0.0.5
14 Feb 20
using v0.0.4
27 Apr 20
Very nice
using v0.0.4
18 Dec 19
13 Feb 20
Thanks for the review. Please leave a issue on github or contact me if you think something should be changed
using v0.0.4
09 Nov 19
using v0.0.4
09 Nov 19
good plugin
09 Nov 19
Thanks, there’s many different features coming soon this is just the very beginning :)

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Supported API versions
Requirements & Enhancements
Other Enhancement PHP-GD Extension (Recommended)
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