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A handy plugin for developers who wish to compile and inject virions without using Poggit.
version 2.1.0
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Plugin Description §


A handy plugin for developers who wish to compile and inject virions without using Poggit.


  • Compile a virion to virion.phar.
  • Inject a virion into another plugin.
  • Works cross-platform i.e. it works on both Linux and Windows systems


  • Get the .phar of this plugin from poggit
  • Put into your plugins folder.
  • Restart the server.
  • Enjoy..

Compile a Virion

  • To compile a virion folder to virion.phar, you will need to put the virion in the virions folder.
  • The virions folder should be located in the folder where PocketMine-MP.phar exists.
  • Next run the command /cv [string:virion]. The [string:virion] is the name of the virion located in the virions folder which you want to compile.
  • The compiled (phared) virion will appear in plugin_data\VirionTools\builds folder.

Inject a Virion

  • To inject a virion to a plugin, you will need to put a compiled virion i.e. a virion.phar in plugin_data\VirionTools\builds folder.
  • You will also need to put a compiled plugin i.e a plugin.phar in plugin_data\VirionTools\plugins folder.
  • Next run the command /iv [string:virion] [string:plugin].
  • The [string:virion] should be the name of the virion located in plugin_data\VirionTools\builds folder.
  • The [string:plugin] should be the name of the plugin located in plugin_data\VirionTools\plugins folder.
  • Note: Adding the .phar extension doesn't matter. The plugin will add it itself.
  • After successful virion injection, the injected plugin would be present in plugin_data\VirionTools\plugins folder.

Commands and Permissions

Description Command Aliases Permission Default
Compile a virion /compilevirion [string:virion] cv, bv, buildvirion op
Inject a virion /injectvirion [string:virion] [string:plugin] iv vt.cmd.iv op


This plugin is designed to be used only by PocketMine-MP developers who wish to compile a virion without using Poggit. Normal users should'nt be using it.


  • DevTools by PMMP Team for providing the ConsoleScript.php
  • Poggit by Poggit Team for providing virion.php and virion_stub.php.
What's new §
  • Escape the data paths properly to avoid error due to spaces in folder names etc
  • Version bump
  • Create VirionScript.php
  • Delete ConsoleScript.php
  • Fixed prefix to match poggit
  • Remove commented stuff from virion.php
  • Virions can now compile w/o shell_exec or consolescript
  • fix typo
  • fixed prefix
  • fixed prefix and no longer save consolescript.php
  • version bump

using v2.1.0
11 Mar 19
13 Mar 19
Thanks ♥️
using v2.1.0
07 Mar 19
Very helpful plugin 👌
08 Mar 19
Thanks ♥️

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