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VoiceCraft plugin for PMMP
version 1.0.0
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1035 Downloads / 1035 Total
6 Reviews
Plugin Description §

A plugin made to work with SineVector241's bedrock proximity chat software

How to set up

  1. Go to
  2. Follow the tutorial on how to setup a server. Skip the parts related to installing addon and installing module for BDS
  3. Start VoiceCraft server and you will be given server key
  4. Copy VoiceCraft server key into plugin's config
  5. Start your PocketMine server and if you did everything right you will see that plugin connected successfully

How to connect

  1. Go to
  2. Follow the tutorial on how to install client on your device. Skip the parts related to binding
  3. Once you connect to server you will be given binding code
  4. Join PocketMine server and execute command /vcbind [your code]
  5. Once you've done everything you will be connected to VoiceCraft server and you can talk to others


/vcbind [Code] - connect to VoiceCraft server

/vcsettings [Proximity Distance (integer)] [Proximity Toggle (1/0)]

using v1.0.0
20 Dec 23
using v1.0.0
30 Oct 23
Thanks for making this plugin, maybe ill need it for the future but you really dont deserve those brainless kid reviews :)
using v1.0.0
29 Jul 23
I'll give this 5 stars just cause how dumb other ratings were :skull:
using v1.0.0
22 Jul 23
Support all device?
30 Jul 23
VoiceCraft supports Android and Windows
using v1.0.0
15 Jul 23
What do you mean and what does it do? Or do other players have to download the app for voice?
16 Jul 23
Yes. Read the instructions please
using v1.0.0
11 Jul 23
Дайте инструкцию плагина для pocketmine , а не для bds Изменил: Мне что нужно 2 сервера ради голосового чата??? + 9050 порт не бывает и всё равно не чего не понятно
11 Jul 23
Этот плагин альтернатива аддону для BDS. Устанавливаете сервер VoiceCraft и после чего код авторизации который высветится при запуске сервера VoiceCraft вы копируете и вставляете в конфиг плагина

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    • @LuciaDX
License §
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