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The Original Voting plugin by LDX
version 3.0.2-5
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Plugin Description §

The Original Voting plugin by LDX

VoteReward is the original voting plugin for PocketMine-MP servers. With the latest update, the plugin now works with any server lists which choose to comply with VoteReward's API standards. You can now use multiple server lists at the same time.

Take a look at the official VoteReward certified server list repository to find some lists to register your server on. The more lists you register your server on and configure VoteReward to use, the more players you'll get! Simply register your server on any certified lists you choose, find and download their custom generated VRC files for your server, drop them in your VoteReward/Lists/ folder, type /vote reload, and watch the players start flooding in!


/vote - Checks to see if you've voted on any lists, and if you have, rewards you for them.

/vote reload - Reloads your configuration file and rescans your Lists folder.

Version 3.0

It's finally here! After a long wait, and many, many hours of hard work, VoteReward 3.0 is ready to roll! Head to your favourite server list now and see if they've added a VRC file download.

When you find a VRC file, simply drop it in your VoteReward/Lists/ folder, and execute the command /vote reload to watch your players start getting rewarded for voting for your server!


What's new §
  • Updated for 3.0.0-ALPHA11, version bump
  • API version Bump
  • Bumped version
  • Switched to cURL instead of file_get_contents, added missing class property
  • Version bump for 3.0.0-ALPHA9
  • Updated for API version 3.0.0-ALPHA7. Breaks BC
  • tested with 3.0.0-ALPHA8

Bumped API

Initial version

using v3.0.2-5
15 Apr 20
Not work for pocketMine-MP latest!
using v3.0.2-5
31 Jan 20
Maybe an updated version???
using v3.0.2-5
31 Oct 18
using v3.0.2-5
08 Mar 18
Thanks for this plugin
using v3.0.2-2
02 Dec 17
It works alright, but is restricted to VRC files. Core functionality works as promised, but there are better alternatives.

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Supported API versions
Producers §
  • Collaborators:
    • @LDX-MCPE
License §
No license
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