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A simple yet powerful Warp plugin!
version 1.3.0
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Plugin Description §


WarpCommand is a powerful and user-friendly plugin developed for PocketMine versions 4 and 5. It enhances the teleportation experience on your server by allowing players to create and manage custom warps effortlessly using simple commands.

Key Features

  • Custom Warp Creation: With the "/setwarp" command, players can easily create personalized warps at any desired location in the game. The plugin automatically saves the player's coordinates and current world in the warps.yml file for future use.

  • Fast Teleportation: After creating a warp, the plugin generates a custom command associated with that warp. For example, if you create a warp named "city," the plugin creates the "/city" command. When executed, players are instantly teleported to the corresponding warp's position.

  • Warp Management Commands:

    • /updatewarp: This command allows you to update the coordinates of an existing warp without deleting and recreating it.

    • /delwarp: Use this command to delete a specific warp from your server, including its associated command.

    • /warps: By executing this command, players can view a list of all available warps on the server, along with their names.



  • Who can use: Operators
  • Description: Permission to create a warp using /setwarp.


  • Who can use: Operators
  • Description: Permission to delete a warp using /delwarp.


  • Who can use: Operators
  • Description: Permission to view warps using /warps.


  • Who can use: Operators
  • Description: Permission to update warps using /updatewarp.


I developed this plugin because recently I went looking for a Warp plugin for my server and I didn't find any updated for PocketMine 5.

This is my first plugin on Poggit, I hope it helps people.



If you find any bugs when using WarpCommand, please report them in my GitHub repository. Thanks for helping me improve the plugin!

What's new §
  • Now it is necessary to set a permission for the warp through the command /setwarp name permission.
  • The sound system when executing a warp has been changed.
  • The colors and messages have been changed.
  • Now the plugin is complete with all the functions proposed in the project.
  • Added Icon, icon is good and everyone likes it.
  • A message has been added to the screen indicating that the player has been teleported with the warp's name, along with a sound.
  • Added the new command "/updatewarp" to update the position of warps without having to delete them.

  • Implemented the functionality to change the command description through the "warps.yml" configuration file. Each command now defaults to a description in the form "Warp to warpName". You can change this in config.

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Producers §
  • Collaborators:
    • @Raphael1S
License §
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