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A simple warp plugin for PocketMine-MP
version 1.3.0
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Plugin Description §



A simple warp plugin for PocketMine-MP


  • /warp
    • Main command. Displays server warps
    • Permission: warpspro.command.warp, default
  • /warp add
    • Registers new warp for the server
    • Permission: warpspro.command.setwarp, op
  • /warp del
    • Removes warp from the server
    • Permission: warpspro.command.delwarp, op
  • /warp edit <open, pos, name> [state]
    • Edit warp information
    • open:
      • Sets open status of warp
      • state: true, false (or none to return current status)
    • pos:
      • Updates position of warp to player position
      • No state is needed
    • name:
      • Updates name of warp
      • state: New warp name
    • Permission: warpspro.command.edit, op

If a warp is closed, players with permission: warpspro.command.warp.<warp name> will be able to warp to it. Note that <warp name> is the name of the warp and it is case sensitive

What's new §
  • Removed /wild command, since it didn't fit the plugin
  • Added open status for a warp
  • Changed admin commands:
    • /setwarp -> /warp set
    • /delwarp -> /warp del
  • Added new command to edit warps:
  • /warp edit <open, pos, name> [status]
  • Added warp permissions.
    • You can set/remove permission to warp to a specific warp with this permission:
    • -warpspro.command.warp.[warpname]

using v1.3.0
26 Mar 20
using v1.3.0
15 Sep 19
The permission “warpspro.command.warp.MineVIP” is not working. I’m using PurePerms and am trying to give my VIP members permission to use “/warp MineVIP” but it still says they do not have permission to use that command. can use it only if warp is set open
using v1.2.1
16 May 19

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