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Add waterlogging to your PocketMine-MP server!
version 1.0
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Plugin Description §

Did you ever miss waterlogging on your server?
Give your blocks all the H₂O they deserve


Pretty much like in vanilla, if you want a detailed list:

  • Add or remove waterlogging using Buckets
  • place blocks in water to waterlog them
  • break waterlogged blocks to free the water
  • Waterlogged blocks act like normal water sources
    • spreads water to nearby blocks
    • hardens lava to cobblestone or obsidian
    • stairs and slabs can be used to restrict waterflow
  • tripwires and some redstone components can be waterlogged by flowing water, no longer being destroyed
  • automatic removal of invalid waterlogged blocks (produced by other plugins)

Note: Entity movement caused by flowing water logged blocks is NOT implemented and probably never will.

Removing this plugin

This plugin uses block layers to store information, while this is the intended storage by mojang, it is only poorly supported by pocketmine.
Removing this plugin will NOT remove waterlogged blocks. They remain saved in your world without any functionality.
A plugin to remove all waterlogged blocks will follow soon.

using v1.1
06 Jul 23
using v1.0
17 Jul 22
using v1.0
14 Jul 22
cool, nice work

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    • @platz1de
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Vanilla Mechanics
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