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Simple but customisable message
version 1.9
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Plugin Description §

Welcome message:

A plugin that is customisable and easy to use. Its as simple as installing it in your plugins folder, Restarting the server, and then editing the config to your likings.


  1. Customisable message,
  2. Customisable server name, All within a form

—How to install—-

  1. Get the latest version of this plugin,
  2. put it in the plugins folder,
  3. Then restart your server,
  4. Its installed. Edit it to your likings in plugindata/WelcomeMessage/config.yml

Required Dependencies jojoe77777/FormAPI (may have to update the plugin to 5.0.0 for it to work)

Warning This Plugin WILL not Work unless you delete the previous plugin version from plugins folder and plugin data

What's new §
  • removed the chat version (still accessible in v1.8)
  • Changed the message into a form.
  • Added New option to decide whether the WelcomeMessage should be broadcasted to server or whispered to the player

using v1.9
05 Nov 23
can you add join and out message you can turn it off or change your join message you can make it the way you want and the out message you can also deactivate it please
20 Jan 24
hello, thanks for the Enquiry, I have taken this idea into account to the best of my ability, I will aim to implement this in the latest update of WelcomeMessage

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Producers §
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License §

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