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Remake of PC plugin: Core Protect but it is for PocketMine
version 0.1.5
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Plugin Description §


This is a remake of PC plugin: Core Protect but it for PocketMine edition

How to use : /wts query | query (x) (y) (z) (x2) (y2) (z2) (time) | player

This plugin will log:

  • Player first join date
  • Player last join
  • Player last online
  • Break blocks
  • Place blocks
  • Pouring lava or water (coming soon)
  • Inventory transactions (developing!)
  • coming soon...
  • coming soon...
  • coming soon...

Q: What does it do? A: It can log any player's action or event. For example, if a player break a stone block, the plugin will record the action, admin can query the records in the specified area.

Q: Can you rollback? A: At least not now, I will see if people want this function to be included in this plugin


The database structure on the 0.1.3 version update has been changed! Please delete or backup your old database in order to let the plugin functions normally


Since I haven't really come back to work with this plugin, it has a very high chance to crash the server because the API version is very likely to be incompatible

using v0.2.2
01 Aug 19
I love it! I would really like a rollback option <3
using v0.2.1
23 May 19
Hey! Do u have discord? If yes, add my: Steelfri_031#9472 please
using v0.1.5
17 May 19
Been waiting ages for someone to make a "CoreProtect" for PMMP. Looking forward to seeing how this develops. Would absolutely love rollback and a wand feature to select coordinates. Thank you for taking this on, and good luck.
18 May 19
Thanks :D, I will try to do my best

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