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Remake of PC plugin: Core Protect but it is for PocketMine
version 0.2.2
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Plugin Description §


This is a remake of PC plugin: Core Protect but it for PocketMine edition

How to use : /wts query | pos1 | pos 2 | query (x) (y) (z) (x2) (y2) (z2) | player (username) | reset

This plugin will log:

  • Player first join date
  • Player last join
  • Player last online
  • Break blocks
  • Place blocks
  • Pouring lava or water (coming soon...)
  • Inventory transactions (developing!)
  • TNT explosion (coming soon...)
  • Log mobs with name tag (coming soon...)
  • coming soon...


Q: What does it do? A: It can log any player's action or event. For example, if a player breaks a stone block, the plugin will record the action, admin can query the records in the specified area.

Q: Can you rollback? A: At least not now, I will see if people want this function to be included in this plugin

What's new §
  • Fixed bug
  • Update version
  • Fixed bug and able to query double chest
  • Changed database structure
    Please delete the old database, the plugin will help you to generate a new one
  • added new functions
    -You can now turn on/off transaction query mode by using /wts query
    -You can now set the two position by using /wts pos1 | pos2

using v0.2.2
01 Aug 19
I love it! I would really like a rollback option <3
using v0.2.1
23 May 19
Hey! Do u have discord? If yes, add my: Steelfri_031#9472 please
using v0.1.5
17 May 19
Been waiting ages for someone to make a "CoreProtect" for PMMP. Looking forward to seeing how this develops. Would absolutely love rollback and a wand feature to select coordinates. Thank you for taking this on, and good luck.
18 May 19
Thanks :D, I will try to do my best

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