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Custom Whitelist Kick Message
version 1.0.0
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Custom Whitelist Kick Message
Plugin Permission: whitelistmessage.notify
Note: CustomAlerts already have this type of feature but if you want just change the whitelist kick message only you can use this instead :D

What if i got an error?

If you got a issue or error about this plugin follow this steps:

  • First open this github repositories
  • Then click (!) Issues next on < > Code
  • Next click New issue
  • After you type the issues and title click Submit new issue
    There you go you submited the issue no need to rate 3-0 star!
    I make sure that im gonna try to fix it as must i can


  • A custom kick message when a non whitelisted player is trying to join in your the whitelisted server
  • Players that have this plugin permission or a player that is whitelisted will get notify when non whitelisted player is trying to join in your whitelisted server
  • More soon?... Give me suggestion on my discord Clarence1028#7952
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