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World Backup and Restore.
version 1.0
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Plugin Description §

World Backup

Manage backup and restoration of world data.

Automatic backup with customizable schedule. Every day, weekly, monthly etc.

Backup History Rotated and archived.



Commands can only be run from the server console.

Show List of Backups.

wbackup list


wbackup backup [world]


wbackup restore [world] [yyyy-mm-dd]

Restart the server using the STOP command to perform the restore.

This is because restoring will be incomplete if you change the world's file while the server is running.

If you want to cancel the restore, please use the "wbackup clear" command before restarting the server.

Show Settings

wbackup set

Set History Limit

wbackup set limit [int]

The default value is 10.

The history limit can be set in a range from at least 3 to a maximum of 30.

If the number of histories backed up exceeds the upper limit, it will be deleted from the oldest history.

Set Backup Cycle Days

wbackup set days [int]


Backup at 1 day interval 30 history (about 1 month)

wbackup set days 1
wbackup set limit 30

Backup at weekly interval 15 histories (about 3 months)

wbackup set days 7
wbackup set limit 15

using v1.0
14 Apr 20
perfect, very useful - thanks
using v1.0
15 Mar 20
great plugin has saved me a lot! wish you could set it to auto backup every 2 hours though
using v1.0
19 Dec 19
Very good
using v1.0
09 Apr 19
using v1.0
18 Feb 19
PLEASE can you make it that if the name of the world has a space it also gets the full name for example worlds by default add either (Default) or (Flat) and my world name is “World (Flat) and when I put that it only gets the “World” part not the (Flat)
18 Feb 19
Just put the world name in quotation marks: /wbackup backup 'World (Flat)'

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