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A plugin for PMMP that will defend the worlds
version 0.0.7
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Plugin Description §


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NOTICE: This plugin branch is for PocketMine-MP 5.
Protect your world from grief, break, pvp, command, item, decay.


  • [x] Per world settings
  • [x] Protect world from break/place
  • [x] Per world pvp
  • [x] Ban items in world
  • [x] Ban commands in world
  • [x] Anti farm land decay in world


  • Default command: /worlddefend
  • Aliases: /wd
Command Description
/wd Show help
/wd build Locks world, not even Op can use.
/wd pvp Enable/disable pvp in world.
/wd antidecay Enable/disable decay in world.
/wd keepinventory Enable/disable keep inventory.
/wd keepexperience Enable/disable keep experience.
/wd banitem Ban item in world.
/wd unbanitem Unban item in world.
/wd bancmd Ban command in world.
/wd unbancmd Unban command in world.


Permission Description
worlddefend.command Allow use all commands. allows players to build in locked worlds


  • This plugin allows you to protect your world from grief, break, pvp, command, item, decay.
  • For example, you can use /wd build world true to prevent other players from destroying your world named world.
  • You can also use /wd pvp world false to disable pvp in world.
  • You Want to keep a world-only inventory called MyStuff? don't worry WorldDefend can also help you just /wd keepinv MyStuff true immediately that world will keep your inventory when you die.
  • You hate other people using wheat seed in the world called SkyBlock without knowing its TypeId? It's okay just hold the wheat seed in your hand and use /wd banitem SkyBlock


  • [ ] World Border
  • [x] Per world gamemode
  • [ ] Limit player in world
  • [ ] No explode in world


This plugin will honour the server language configuration. The languages currently available are:

  • English (en-US)
  • Vietnamese (vi-VN)

We would love to receive contributions on the missing languages or corrections on the existing ones. Please read on how to do so.


This plugin is licensed under the MIT License.

What's new §
  • Fixed member can use /wd
  • Fix alias item
  • Fix #4
  • Fix gamemode error!
  • Allows players to build in locked worlds
  • Added permission
  • Fix data not found!
  • Added Gamemode Per World

using v0.0.6
17 Jul 23
good plugin
using v0.0.2
19 Jun 23
It is very good but please add that you can make regions e.g. on 0 3 0 is the first position and on 2 2 2 is the second position that you can also dismantle and deactivate it there
using v0.0.1
13 Jun 23
WorldDefend better
13 Jun 23
Thank you :D
Staff Outdated
using v0.0.1
13 Jun 23
This plugin was written some some higher quality code and was a pleasure to review. Thank you for healing my eyes today.
13 Jun 23
Thanks for your review ♥!

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Producers §
  • Collaborators:
    • @taylordevs
  • Contributors:
    • @jacob3105
License §
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World Editing and Management
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