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The fastest world protector in town for your PocketMine server!
version 1.0.2
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Plugin Description §

WorldGuard Poggit-CI

This plugin is a port of the popular bukkit plugin called "WorldGuard". It was originally developed by Muqsit, but more flags and extended capabilities were added by me.


  • Easily define regions in your world.
  • Set custom flags on defined regions that allow/restrict certain actions and events.
  • Delete/Modify already defined regions.
  • Give special permissions to your players to bypass certain flags. (Usefull for mods, admins, vips, etc.)


  • Defined regions can be used to protect specific areas of your world from griefing, pvp, building, and some other events.
    For the full list of flags check the tutorial.


Read the tutorial.
Full permissions list can be found here.

Be sure to check the above link when updating the plugin to see changes and view available flags. (can also be found in-game by doing /rg flags get region_name)

Customizable Permissions

Some flags come with their own permission in order to customize regions even more and only allow certain groups of players do certain actions in a region.

Need assistance?

Join the plugin's discord server!

What's new §
  • Added alias for player name {player_name} and & for colors.
    • Note: right now these can only be used in the notify-enter and notify-leave flags.
  • Added flags "allow-damage-animals" and "allow-damage-monsters"
  • Fixed issue with Building Permission
    • Fixed Building being denied even with permission, and building in a region inside of negative coordinates being off by 1 block
  • Fixed messages.yml
    • Fixed an issue where 2 additional lines were added to the messages.yml file, even if already existent.
  • Fixed regions not saving
    • Fixed issues where regions would not save when the server crashed or unexpectedly was shut down.
  • Added configurable messages.

using v1.0.2
13 Oct 19
Amazing Plugin suggest you add region delete And also fix when player tries to hit someone in region player always gets internal server error
14 Oct 19
Please use the latest dev build, this issue has been resolved there.
using v1.0.2
11 Oct 19
The only reason this isnt 5 stars is because you cat change if players can break/place in the regions, other than that its good!
14 Oct 19
You can actually change this by giving your players permission to break/place inside desired region. Please read the tutorial and permissions list before complaining about a missing feature.
using v1.0.2
29 Sep 19
rating it 5 stars it works perfectly love the way it works and i approve of this plugin it does what it says
using v1.0.2
27 Sep 19
best plugin ever
using v1.0.1
15 Sep 19
Thank for messages!
using v1.0.0
14 Sep 19
Few teams! You cannot add or remove, appoint the owner, check whose region it is. Since I understand that this is a difficult job, I put 5 stars.
15 Sep 19
Thanks for the review! I will add these features to the to-do list!

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Producers §
  • Collaborators:
    • @awgybop1
  • Contributors:
    • @Baducai
    • @MasterOfTheRealm
    • @Muqsit
    • @mikeygio10
    • @optimusprime338
License §
Anti-Griefing Tools
Admin Tools
World Editing and Management
Developer Tools

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