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The fastest world protector in town for your PocketMine server!
version 1.1.0
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Plugin Description §

WorldGuard Poggit-CI

This plugin is a port of the popular Bukkit plugin "WorldGuard".


Visit our website for a feature list!


  • Defined regions can be used to protect specific areas of your world from Griefing, PvP, Building, and much more! For the full list of flags check the tutorial.

Setting up

Read our tutorial and learn how to use our plugin!.

Be sure to check the above link when updating the plugin to see changes and view available flags. (can also be found in-game by doing /rg flags get region_name)

Customizable Permissions

Some flags come with their own permission in order to customize regions even more and only allow certain groups of players do certain actions in a region.

Need assistance?

Join the plugin's discord server!

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What's new §
  • Added a GUI
  • Added exp-drops flag
  • Added permission for GUI.
  • Changed the notify enter/leave behaviour. Now the message displays as a tip in the middle of the screen above the items bar instead of displaying in chat.
  • Fixed 1 small issue
    • Fixed a bug where global regions could not be deleted.
  • Modified region creation menu to include option for vertically expanded regions.
  • Multiple Updates
    • Added the ability to create a "global" region that affects the entire world.
    • ^ Works for the flags break, place, fall, invincible, and pvp ^
    • Fixed a bug where players in pvp true regions were able to be hit by players in pvp false regions
    • Added support for "allow" and "deny" values of flags, to make the plugin similar to Java.
    • Added a new design for the /rg menu.
    • Fixed reloading crashing the server, without having to kick players.
    • Added /rg info, to get information about the region you're currently standing in.
    • Added secondary permissions for build and break, called "break-bypass" and "build-bypass".
    • Added back the "block-place" and "block-break" flag, and if they're disabled then check for permissions.
    • Added a way to expand region sizes infinitely vertically, to make regioning easier.
    • Added worldguard.usecraftingtable. and worldguard.usenoteblock. permission
    • Added worldguard.bypass-cmd. permission
  • Added fall-dmg flag
  • Added gamemode bypass permission (worldguard.bypass.gamemode.)
  • Added invincibility flag
  • Fixed color symbol
  • Gamemode Fix and Reload Patch
    • Fixed gamemode being changed whenever the player entered/exited a region, regardless of the flag's state, and made plugin kick players upon a server reload/reboot to fix the server crashing after the reload completes.
  • Minor changes.
  • Minor fixes.
  • Updated Build Number
  • Fixed some issues related to messages.yml that would crash the clients when certain acctions occured.
  • Added permission worldguard.usebrewingstand.
  • Added permission worldguard.usebeacon.
  • Added permission worldguard.usecauldron.
  • Fixed an issue related to /f claim.
  • Fixed and Optimized Saving
  • Fixed ender pearl flag issues
  • Modified onCommand to always prevent /f claim inside defined regions.
  • Added alias for player name {player_name} and & for colors.
    • Note: right now these can only be used in the notify-enter and notify-leave flags.
  • Added flags "allow-damage-animals" and "allow-damage-monsters"
  • Fixed issue with Building Permission
    • Fixed Building being denied even with permission, and building in a region inside of negative coordinates being off by 1 block
  • Fixed messages.yml
    • Fixed an issue where 2 additional lines were added to the messages.yml file, even if already existent.
  • Fixed regions not saving
    • Fixed issues where regions would not save when the server crashed or unexpectedly was shut down.
  • Added configurable messages.

using v1.1.91
23 Dec 20
Working in ubuntu pocketmine server?
using v1.1.9
10 Dec 20
Can you please update the protocol it was working perfectly.
10 Dec 20
We will look on the update, but we don‘t have much time, if you want, try devtools plugin and use the plugin source from github. After then change in the plugin.yml the mcpe protocol to 422, But i will not guarantee, if it works, i doesn‘t looked in the code from pocketmine yet
using v1.1.8-beta
17 Nov 20
Best ever plugin in the world, Please add an option where we can make a whole world unbreakable with one button without selecting regions because some very very big Lobbys needs protection and its very hard to reach on its both ends.
17 Nov 20
Hello, we would add an auto global region, when a world would be added in the future ;) wait for the update
using v1.1.8-beta
16 Nov 20
Probably the one and only actual area protection plugin on pocketmine!
using v1.1.6-4
31 Aug 20
Add a no-fly flag also correct the error of enderpearl if you use it several times in a place that cannot end it will teleport the player and I will give you 5 stars!
using v1.1.6-4
08 Aug 20
using v1.1.6-4
05 Aug 20
Great plugin but turning hunger off dont work u still loose food bars
06 Aug 20
what do you do? if hunger is disabled, the food bars are not going down, if you enabled it, you had turn on the hunger, it is not a NOHUNGER Flag, it is an HUNGER Flag
using v1.1.6-4
19 Jul 20
Nice!! One important thing is missing !! Add permission from people within the area. For example I want to add a friend, but he, who has no op, How can I destroy the area?
19 Jul 20
this is a server guard, not an region claimer, if you would gave somebody an permission, you need to add the region permission for an player or group
using v1.1.0
17 Jul 20
using v1.1.0
15 Jun 20
Is amazing but constantly it would close my server, to the point its unplayable so i had to uninstall it. It was useful before though
21 Jun 20
please use the latest dev phar, we had forced an release, but alway got rejected from poggit, the latest update should be released soon
using v1.1.0
14 Jun 20
Server constantly crashing.
21 Jun 20
please use the latest dev phar, we had forced an release, but alway got rejected from poggit, the latest update should be released soon
using v1.1.0
14 Apr 20
Good job on the update Its a lot better now but I have one problem when i set exp drop to false it didnt work cause I tried mining in the region and it still gave me exp
19 Apr 20
Thanks for the review. Hmm, that's odd - I'll take a look at it!
using v1.0.5
08 Apr 20
I really love this plugin , but im having struggles making players break/place blocks outside the region.. I read the tutorial and followed it properly tho it doesn't work.. PLS help
09 Apr 20
Hello, thanks for the review! Sorry you're having struggles, you can join our Discord server ( and we can get everything sorted out for you!
using v1.0.5
30 Mar 20
using v1.0.5
21 Feb 20
This is a very good plugin. I realize that this is a permission already, but is there a way to set a rg flag for building? it takes a while to add a group to allow them to break, plus you don't have to use console.
09 Apr 20
Hello, in the latest update we have re-added the block-break and block-place flags, with permissions simply as a bypass. So you can get back to creating regions even faster!
using v1.0.5
19 Feb 20
There are no flags called break!!!! FIX
02 Mar 20
Breaking and placing of blocks is permission based not flag based. If you would've read the tutorial you would've known this. Please read the tutorial next time before leaving a bad review.
using v1.0.5
15 Jan 20
Good Plugin :D
using v1.0.5
13 Jan 20
thank you for the gamemode bypass permision
using v1.0.5
11 Jan 20
using v1.0.3
25 Dec 19
please can you tell me how to change if players can break or place blocks i dont understand the tutorial
25 Dec 19
Hello arosgalaxy, thanks for the review! To allow players to break/place blocks, you must give the permissions to them: worldguard.break.<REGION_NAME><REGION_NAME>
using v1.0.2
30 Mar 20
the plugin is awesome, i looked at the tutorial and i cant seem to find the permission to use crafting tables, please fix this for it is very hard to have a non op prison server
using v1.0.2
02 Nov 19
It's good and all but the problem I am having is that the regions aren't being saved into my plugins_data.
05 Nov 19
They are being saved inside plugins/WorldGuard/
using v1.0.2
13 Oct 19
Amazing Plugin suggest you add region delete And also fix when player tries to hit someone in region player always gets internal server error
05 Nov 19
Please use the latest dev build, this issue has been resolved there. EDIT: Also you can actually delete existing regions.
using v1.0.2
11 Oct 19
The only reason this isnt 5 stars is because you cat change if players can break/place in the regions, other than that its good!
14 Oct 19
You can actually change this by giving your players permission to break/place inside desired region. Please read the tutorial and permissions list before complaining about a missing feature.
using v1.0.2
29 Sep 19
rating it 5 stars it works perfectly love the way it works and i approve of this plugin it does what it says
using v1.0.2
27 Sep 19
best plugin ever
using v1.0.1
29 Oct 19
When people hits or break in the region they will get a internal server error please fix and i will give 5 stars
03 Nov 19
This issue has been resolved in version 1.0.3 which was just submitted. Once this version becomes available please download it and delete your messages.yml file so that it may regenerate. If you dont want to wait until the new version gets approved I suggest you download the latest dev build of this plugin.
using v1.0.1
15 Sep 19
Thank for messages!
using v1.0.0
14 Sep 19
Few teams! You cannot add or remove, appoint the owner, check whose region it is. Since I understand that this is a difficult job, I put 5 stars.
15 Sep 19
Thanks for the review! I will add these features to the to-do list!

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  • Collaborators:
    • @awgybop1
    • @suerion
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Anti-Griefing Tools
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World Editing and Management
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