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Highly customizable per world inventories
version 1.0.2
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Plugin Description §

WorldInventory 1.0.2

by xBeastMode


  • [x] Clear inventories between worlds
  • [x] Link inventories between worlds
  • [x] Save individual inventories per world
  • [x] Define custom inventories per world
  • [x] MySQL and SQLite support
  • [x] Full API to extend plugin
  • [ ] Command support

If you have an idea for a change or a feature create an issue!


The supported database types are "mysql" and "sqlite", you can find these values in the default plugin config as so:

  # The database type. "sqlite" and "mysql" are supported.
  type: sqlite
  # Edit these settings only if you choose "sqlite".
    # The file name of the database in the plugin data folder.
    # You can also put an absolute path here.
    file: data.sqlite
  # Edit these settings only if you choose "mysql".
    # Avoid using the "root" user for security reasons.
    username: root
    password: ""
    schema: your_schema
  # The maximum number of simultaneous SQL queries
  # Recommended: 1 for sqlite, 2 for MySQL. You may want to further increase this value if your MySQL connection is very slow.
  worker-limit: 1

This is self-explanatory

# the inventory types for worlds
# clear - player's inventory gets cleared in world
# linked - player's inventory will be linked (the same) in worlds using this type
# saved - player's inventory will be unique to that world
# custom - player's inventory will be set to custom items see "items" config for example
  world: "linked"
  foo: "linked"
  bar: "saved"
  baz: "clear"
  qux: "custom"
# custom item definitions for custom inventory type worlds
# the format should be defined as so:
# items:
#   world_name:
#     armor:
#       - "item name:item count:custom item name:custom item lore:enchantments..."
#     inventory:
#       - "item name:item count:custom item name:custom item lore:enchantments..."
# enchantments can be one or multiple as so:
#   protection:1:unbreaking:1...etc...
      - "diamond_helmet:1:custom armor:custom lore:protection:1"
      - "diamond_chestplate:1:custom armor:custom lore:protection:1"
      - "diamond_leggings:1:custom armor:custom lore:protection:1"
      - "diamond_boots:1:custom armor:custom lore:protection:1"
      - "diamond_sword:1:custom sword:custom lore:protection:1"

Inventory types

  • clear if I go to world with this inventory type my inventory will get cleared, even if I collected items they will not be saved and everytime I go back to that world my inventory will be cleared.
  • linked worlds that share this inventory type will combine player's inventory, meaning if I go from world a to b and they share the linked inventory type they will be the same exact inventory.
  • saved instead of getting linked between worlds, player's inventory is now unique to that world. If c uses saved inventory type, and player from a to c instead of getting their inventory linked like from a to b, player's inventory is now a new inventory and everything the player has in that world will be saved only to world c.
  • custom allows operator to customize the contents given to player in world, see configuration for an example.
What's new §
  • Fixed issue: Value of type null is not callable
  • Added composer packages
  • Added PHPStan level 9 check
  • close database on plugin disable + upscale icon

using v1.0.2
02 Nov 22
Plz add a feature to set a default type used for all other worlds. I need inventories to be saved per world and players can create and delete their own worlds.
using v1.0.2
24 Aug 22
using v1.0.0-beta
18 Aug 22

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    • @xBeastMode
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