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Worldborder plugin for PMMP.
version 1.1.2
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Plugin Description §

World Border

A Pocketmine plugin, allowing you to edit the limits of a world. Hence why it's called a world border.

Why is this plugin useful?

We offer the many features that most world border plugins do not have, such as:

  • More options = more customization.
  • New setting names such as range, instead of other options that didn't quite fit the name.
  • Teleportation feature; Allowing you to teleport to the safest location once you've reached the world borders. Other world border plugins simply don't have this feature.

Is there more planned features?

We do plan to implement more features in the future.

What's new §
  • !== v1.1.2 UPDATE !==
    • Fixed undefined issues.
    • Fixed syntax error. (If poggit will recognize that I changed the code. ;-;)
    • Added new option: spawn-location, description is in the config.yml file.
    • Fixed coordinates from not being numeric when using spawn-cordinates, and leaving spawn-location and def-level-spawn false.
    • Added a check function: isSameFile to ensure whether or not def-level-spawn and spawn-location are both set to true. If they are, it'll return an error message. This check is in place so there's no conflictions between the two config options, since this could lead to potential errors, or one that works, and the other one doesn't. This way is better so we don't need to see the outcome of the two of the same files colliding together.
    • Added a cordinates check to ensure X, Y, and Z are numeric, and not colliding with strings. (Tested to work).
  • Fixed syntax error
  • Fixed typo (Between coordinates and cordinates)
    • version bump
  • !== 1.1.1 UPDATE AVAILABLE !==
      • Add multiworld support
      • MultiWorld is now required to run this plugin if you're on Pocketmine-MP. This is because pocketmine MP doesn't support world commands built-in, therefore, MultiWorld should be supported so you can teleport between worlds.
    • Updated "Planned features", since we've already implemented MultiWorld support.
  • Add Dependency for MultiWorld
  • Be more descriptive about the plugin
  • Check for MultiWorld after checking.
  • Reformatting codes
  • Remove MultiWorld check

using v1.1.0
12 Mar 20
nice plugin buddy
12 Mar 20
Thank you! Enjoy the plugin.

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Supported API versions
MultiWorld 1.5.2
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License §

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