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A PocketMine-MP Plugin
version 1.0.0
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Plugin Description §


With WorldReset you can reset certain worlds completely lying at your choice in a certain time interval.


  • Convert your worlds folder into a ZIP archive.
  • Pack the ZIP archive into the "worldreset" folder. You will find this folder in the server directory where the "" are located.
  • Make sure that the ZIP archive has the same name as the Worlds folder and the Worlds name.
  • Now restart the server.


# Set after how many minutes the world should be reset.
time: 60

# Please list the worlds in a list. Example:
# worlds:
#   - "world1"
#   - "world2"
# or
# worlds: ["world1", "world2"]
# Important: Make sure you use upper and lower case.
worlds: []

# Decide if a message should be sent when resetting the worlds.
# Use "true" or "false"
reset-message: true

# Set the worlds reset message.
# The message is only sent if "reset-message" is set to "true".
message: "The worlds have been reset."

If problems arise, create an issue or write us on Discord.


using v1.0.0
03 Jun 19
Very useful plugin if you want to reset your farmworld like every day or hour. Simple and nice.

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