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A plugin that allowed you to whitelist player per world
version 1.0.0
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Plugin Description §


A plugin that allowed you to whitelist player per world

How does this plugin work?

You can set whitelist per world with this plugin. Allowing player for joining the world by whitelisted from Admin


Command Description
/ww set <worldName> [on/off] Set on/off whitelist of the world
/ww add <worldName> <playerName> Add player name to the whitelist
/ww remove <worldName> <playerName> Remove player name from the whitelist
/ww setmessage <worldName> <message> Set custom whitelist message, you can coloring the message with '&'
/ww list <worldName> See players has been whitelisted
/ww help See all WorldWhitelist Commands

Default Config

#The default whitelist message
# - {WORLD} -> will be replaced with the world name
default-whitelist-message: "§cWorld {WORLD} is whitelisted!"

#Op bypass world whitelist
#This allowing OP user to ignore whitelist checking
op-bypass: true
Supported API versions
Producers §
  • Collaborators:
    • @MasApip
License §
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