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🌎 Easy to use but feature rich world guard plugin
version 2.0.1
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Plugin Description §


Because there is no plugin to manage all aspects of the game for each world like WorldGuard on Bukkit, I made Worlds. With Worlds, you can control events like breaking blocks, dropping items, and many more.

If you want to help or you have ideas to make our plugin better, feel free to make a commit or open an issue. Please report bugs on the issues page on GitHub.


  • Create and remove worlds
  • Copy and rename worlds
  • Load and unload worlds
  • Teleport to worlds
  • Control nearly every event for each world (it's getting more and more).
    • World's gamemode
    • Permission to join a world
    • Block breaking and placing
    • PvP
    • Damage (everything like attacking, fall damage, ...)
    • Explosion
    • Item drop
    • Hunger
    • Fly
    • You have an idea what to add? Feel free to open an issue.
  • Easy to use, fast and mostly bug-free.


Worlds is really easy to use. Here is the command syntax:

/worlds list
/worlds create <worldname> [type]
/worlds <remove|load|unload|teleport> <worldname>
/worlds <copy|rename> <from> <to>
/worlds set
/worlds set permission <permissionstring>
/worlds set gamemode <survival|creative|adventure|spectator>
/worlds set <build|pvp|damage|drop|hunger|fly> <true|false>
/worlds unset <permission|gamemode|build|pvp|damage|drop|hunger|fly>

For a full list of commands, their usage and a description what they are for, take a look at the wiki.


Feel free to contribute if you have ideas or found an issue.

You can:

License & Credits

Creative Commons License

Worlds by surva network is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available on request.

What's new §
  • Added compatible older API versions
  • README rewrite, added default config options, API bump
  • Updated icon

using v2.0.1
19 Apr 18
Thats the best best best plugin ever ever!!!! :D Please Update to ALPHA12
13 May 18
Thanks! Has been updated today.
using v2.0.1
18 Mar 18
using v2.0.1
15 Mar 18
Does this have the end world or nether?
01 Apr 18
You can use all generators available in PocketMine. This includes nether-worlds, but not the end (yet).
using v2.0.0
12 Feb 18
Plain and easy ingame multiple world control, for beginners and pro's. Allready enjoyed many builds of this plugin!
using v1.0.13
20 Jan 18
When I setup the permissions, how do i get players access to the world when they don't have permissions?
24 Jan 18
Players without the permission can't access the world, that's the purpose of this feature.
using v1.0.13
23 Dec 17
this is awesome
using v1.0.10
12 Feb 18
Great plugin, one of my favs. Plain and easy ingame multiple world control. Allready enjoyed many builds of this plugin!

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Supported API versions
Producers §
  • Collaborators:
    • @jarne
  • Contributors:
    • @xXSirGamesXx
License §

Custom license


World Editing and Management
Admin Tools
Anti-Griefing Tools
World Generators
Manage worlds
Manage world generators
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