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The 'XGameMode' plugin enables distinct inventories for creative and survival modes, ensuring secure mode switching and item sep
version 1.0
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Plugin Description §

About The Project

🔜 Watch the video for functionality

✔️ It saves the inventory for each mode, preventing players from accumulating items in creative mode and then switching.
✔️ You can use the /gm command for your generous donors, but don't forget about me 🥹.
✔️ If a player switches modes using some external method, the plugin prevents them from using /gm to switch back, as this could potentially lead to item duplication.
✔️ Dual Language Support: The XGamemode plugin comes with built-in support for two languages directly from the source code, making it easy to cater to a broader player base with different language preferences.

❓ Why did XGameMode appear?

I'm aware that similar plugins existed in earlier versions, but the removal of Item::jsonDeserialize in PM5 resulted in the incompatibility and decline of those previous plugins. XGameMode employs a slightly different approach, ensuring its relevance in the current environment and hopefully in future updates as well. (Stay strong, and best of luck with your efforts!)

📁 Supported software:

This plugin works only on PocketMine-MP. (And maybe on his NetherGames fork)

💻 XGameMode commands:

Command Permissions Description
/gm xgamemode.perms Change game mode..

using v1.0
25 Sep 23
Plugin. Excellent, but will a plugin soon be released to prohibit the operation of chests and the ejection of items?, and you can also prohibit the use of frames in this plugin.
09 Oct 23
The next plugin will be released soon, but why did you give it one star :(
using v1.0
01 Sep 23
Chests and item dropping exists but cool
01 Sep 23
This plugin was not intended for that purpose. Very soon, my second plugin for comprehensive protection will be released, and it will work in conjunction with this one. Here, we only have inventory switching protection, nothing more. Taking the star was unjustified :(. (I'm just kidding, but still.)
using v1.0
29 Aug 23

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