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The XNoNickSpace plugin secures Bedrock servers, disallowing usernames with spaces or invisible characters.
version 1.1
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Plugin Description §

About The Project



✔️ Protection from unwanted nicknames: The plugin prevents players with nicknames containing spaces or invisible characters from joining, ensuring cleanliness and professionalism on your server.

✔️ Flexible restriction settings: You can configure additional limitations for nicknames. For instance, you can allow spaces in the middle or at the end of nicknames by selecting the corresponding settings in the plugin menu.

✔️ Dual Language Support: The XNoNickSpace plugin comes with built-in support for two languages directly from the source code, making it easy to cater to a broader player base with different language preferences.

✔️ In Beta mode, you will have the option to add a prefix to your players' nicknames instead of kicking them if they have a space or invisible character.

✔️ The plugin also features flexible settings where you can enable a notification for all server players when a player with a space in their nickname joins.

❓ Why did XNoNickSpace appear?

The idea behind creating this plugin emerged after many players attempted to impersonate the administration by simply adding spaces or invisible characters to the beginning or end of their nicknames. After searching the internet, I couldn't find an equivalent, which led to the decision of gifting this creation to the community.

📁 Supported software:

This plugin works only on PocketMine-MP. (And maybe on his NetherGames fork).

🔧 How to install XNoNickSpace?

  1. Download latest stable released version from poggit.
  2. Move dowloaded file to your server /plugins/ folder.
  3. Restart the server.
  4. Configure the language and protection level in the plugin's config; by default, it will operate at the highest level of protection.

⚙️ Configuring XNoNickSpace:

After installing the plugin on the server, you should navigate to the 'plugins_data' folder, find 'XNoNickSpace,' and in the 'config.yml' file, change the 'type_check' to the mode that suits your needs the most:

TYPE Description
Easy Checks for spaces or invisible characters at the beginning of the nickname.
Intermediate Checks for spaces or invisible characters at the end of the nickname.
Advanced Checks for spaces or invisible characters both at the beginning and end of the nickname.
Expert Checks for spaces or invisible characters throughout the entire nickname.
Beta In BETA mode, you won't kick players; instead, you can add text or symbols to their nickname from the config. Additionally, it will notify all players about the presence of a potentially harmful player.
What's new §
I excited to introduce a new feature that enhances how you manage player behavior. In latest update, you can now choose not to kick players but add a customizable symbol or text to their nickname, ensuring a more inclusive server atmosphere.

Additionally, i implemented a notification system. When a player with a potentially problematic nickname joins, all players receive a notification, enabling proactive community actions.

using v1.1
03 Sep 23
keep it up!
03 Sep 23
using v1
29 Aug 23
Instead of preventing players from using names containing spaces, use another way such as: replace spaces with _,...
02 Sep 23
Hello, I heard you, and I liked that idea. I've updated the plugin, and now when you enable the BETA mode, it will notify all players when a player with a space in their name joins, indicating that they might be a potential threat. At the same time, it will replace spaces in their nickname with a specific symbol from the config. For example, in my config, I have it set to replace spaces with '_space_': 'xrd ev' => 'xrd_space_ev'.
using v1
29 Aug 23
thank you for the effort :)
02 Sep 23
using v1
28 Aug 23
as the reviews at:
28 Aug 23
I understand your concerns. While implementing a plugin that restricts spaces in usernames on Minecraft Bedrock servers might potentially have drawbacks, such as negatively impacting online activity, limiting the freedom to choose usernames, and affecting the democratic nature of the community, it's important to note that this plugin is not mandatory. Server owners have the autonomy to decide whether they want to enforce this restriction to prevent players with spaces in their usernames from joining, particularly within administrative roles. This choice is a prerogative of the server owner, and there's limited influence on it. In the context of my own server, I personally wouldn't opt for this plugin due to the reasons you've mentioned. However, it's worth highlighting that your evaluation seems to be directed more towards the potential consequences of the plugin rather than its inherent functionality :(. Updated: By the way, when I was developing this plugin, I thought that there were no similar plugins available. It's only now that I've come across "NoSpace," the plugin you sent me a link to.

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