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aka 'Coords' by Unerds
version 1.0.6
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Plugin Description §


Here is just a very basic coordinates plugin for the new API.

going through the process of learning PHP and the new API, so I figured I'd grab the lowest hanging fruit ;)

If anyone wants to view it the source is available on the documentation page.

I may implement some other features such as:

Log/Recall 10 Coordinates:

/xyz save <0-9> - store current coordinates

/xyz <0-9> - recall stored coordinates

Death Coordinates:

/xyz death - will recall coordinates where you last died

Get User Coords for Ops:

/xyz get <username>

Need to learn yml or sqlite save/read functions first and more about permission structures and how to tie in methods.

Hope you enjoy.

cheers, -u.

What's new §
  • Updated for 3.0.0-ALPHA11, version bump
  • API version Bump
  • Bumped version
  • Version bump for 3.0.0-ALPHA9
  • Updated for API 3.0.0-ALPHA7
  • Updated for API version 3.0.0-ALPHA7. Breaks BC
Initial version
Supported API versions
Producers §
  • Collaborators:
    • @awzaw
    • @sof3
    • @unerds
License §
No license
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