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A powerful anticheat made to destroy hackers from your server for PocketMine-MP.
version 1.2.2
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Plugin Description §

Zuri Pocketmine-MP Anticheat

Zuri is an anticheat made to protect the server from any may unfair advantages from the players. A powerful anticheat made to destroy hackers from your server for PocketMine-MP.

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Plugin Developers

This is module using a special method that requires an API: If the server you are using a method intended for the digging of special players. ☢

The full documentation can be found in the wiki.


// $player must instance of Player from PMMP //
$player = API::getPlayer($player);
$api->setAttackSpecial(< true or false >);
$api->setBlocksBrokeASec(< it must is number >);


  • This plugin has total of 40+ checks that can catch hacker more efficient and no more false-positive! 😏

Zuri Anticheat Meme

Zuri can catch hacker efficiently, with over 40+ check modules. Unlike other $100 Anticheat, it is more systematic, lightweight, and easy to configure. It's too bad right? 🤦


  • You can easily configure everything in the config. ✅
    • Configure easily the max violations and checks and more! ⚙️
  • It is more lightweight compared to paid anticheat. You don't have to struggle about the performance, with this anticheat, it can possible block them all easily! 💰
  • ✨ It is easy to use when it comes at the game, you can easily debug things, manage them all at the game, and disable checks according to your command.
  • ❌ Limit players joining by their ip limit, you can change and configure on how many players can join with same ip address.
  • 🌟 It also checks the player if they are using a Proxy or VPN (optional)
  • 💥 You can manage plugin at in-game using UI by using command! /zuri ui


Module Name Punishment Type Percentage of Accuracy
AntiBot Kick Immediately 100% detect
EditionFaker Kick Immediately 100% detect
ProxyBot Kick Immediately 100% detect
AntiImmobile Kick 100% detect
AutoClick Kick 90% detect
RapidHit Kick 95% detect
KillAura Kick 90% detect
HitBox Kick 70% detect
Reach Kick 97% detect
Fly Kick 98% detect
NoClip Kick 80% detect
NoWeb Kick 70% detect
JetPack Kick 97% detect
AirJump Kick 90% detect
HighJump Kick 99% detect
Glide Kick 80% detect
AntiVoid Kick 60% detect
Speed Kick 99% detect
Jesus Kick 99% detect
AutoMidTP Kick 70% detect
ClickTP Kick 74% detect
Step Kick 78% detect
AimAssist Kick 85% detect
AutoArmor Kick 92% detect
FastLadder Kick 89% detect
Spider Kick 89% detect
TriggerBot Kick 90% detect
NoPacket Kick 86% detect
Velocity/NoKB Kick 99% detect
ChestAura/ChestStealer Kick 70% detect
InventoryCleaner Kick 70% detect
InventoryMove Kick 90% detect
Timer Flag/Kick 70% detect
Phase Flag 90% detect
VClip Flag 94% detect
ImpossiblePitch Flag 93% detect
MessageSpoof Flag 100% detect
InvalidPackets Flag 90% detect
InstaBreak Flag/Kick 100% detect
Spam CAPTCHA 100% detect
Tower Ban Immediately 74% detect
Scaffold Kick/Ban Immediately 70% detect
Nuker Ban Immediately 90% detect
FastBreak Ban Immediately 100% detect
FillBlock Ban Immediately 98% detect
WrongMining Ban Immediately 90% detect

Total Checks: 64

This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

What's new §


This update will solve false-positive found in several modules. Including Speed (A, B). You can now fully customize the punishment actions to the player when checks are violated, you can now also modify constants in the check if you have problems with calculations.


  • Remove old Speed (B)
  • New check strategy of Speed (A)
  • You can now customize check constants.
  • You can now also customize punishment actions to the checks.
  • Fix false-positive in several modules.
  • Disable some modules produces false-positives, this includes Omnisprint, Jesus, and etc.. You can enable back them in configuration but it can cause false-positives towards to the player.
  • Fix codebase, and more little bugs.
  • Clean up the code.


This update will solve various problems that have shown in previous poggit versions, which are now out of date. This includes a hotfix for the following modules and issues/bugs. There were no modules added to this version. If you encounter any bugs or issues, please report them on our github. It is advised that you update Zuri to ensure the most recent patch fix.


  • Hack-Fix for #32
  • Fix array bug in Regen (B)
  • Remove some of duplicates in configuration.
  • Fix #26: Fastbow (A) array bug..
  • Fix fly module is not working...
  • Check chunk if it is loaded to prevent false-kick of the player..
  • Fix crash in Webhook (#32)

using v1.2.2
19 May 24
After A Long I Find It, Thanks You Dev Team For This Amazing Plugin.
using v1.2.0
29 Apr 24
thanks for this type of plugin.
29 Apr 24
Your welcome! If you find ever a bug, do not hesitate to report at the github!

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