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Detects players possible alternatives accounts
version 1.4.1
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Plugin Description §


Detects players possible alternatives accounts


This plugin stores players Address, ClientRandomId, DeviceId, SelfSignedId, and XUID. Which will detect players accurately and hard for hackers to ban evade.

Also it has a command and alert system to staff members.


In the configuration you can modify the mode, data and alert.

Here's a example of the default configuration:

alert: false #Everyone that has alias.alerts permission
ban: 'You are banned' #Ban message
mode: none #Options: none, ban
data: ['Address', 'ClientRandomId', 'DeviceId', 'SelfSignedId', 'XUID'] #Check for matching data in which will alert the staff members or ban the player


/alias <name: target>

Only users with alias.command.alias permission can execute this command.

Returns a list of possible players matching IP, ClientRandomId, DeviceId, SelfSignedId, and XUID.


You can use this plugin API by the following:

use JavierLeon9966\Alias\Alias;
$aliases = Alias::getInstance()->getAliases($player->getName()); //returns a array of detected players


In the data folder of this plugin there is a file called players.json which there's stored all the players that have logged into the server.

What's new §
  • Fixed MySQL syntax error
  • Fixed crash when using fake players
  • Fixed player showing in the alias list when not being lowercase
  • Added MySQL support
  • Fixed crash on missing information
  • Plugin no longer crashes the server on invalid config
  • Added support for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition 1.18.0.
  • Added support for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition 1.17.40.
  • Added support for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition 1.17.30.
  • Update protocol 448
  • Fixed error when using Specter players
  • Update protocol 440
  • Fix configuration error on startup
  • Fix data not saving correctly
  • Update protocol 431
  • Added cache
  • Fixed SQL errors

using v1.0.5
09 Sep 21
nice plugin! can you make form ui for this plugin?

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