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Adds Fireworks to Pocketmine
version 1.0.2
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Adds Fireworks to Pocketmine

It is simply adding firework items and entities into PocketMine-MP servers.

You can launch any firework from the creative inventory AND custom ones - just like in vanilla MCPE.

How to get a firework

Either, give a firework via gamemode 1, or /give command. For generating the /give command i suggest using: and modifying the command to work with PocketMine-MP. This is not easy. No need to explain further.

The easier way is to use the code to create custom fireworks. See #Create-a-custom-firework for that.

Create a custom firework

This is sample code to explain the "API"-alike part of the plugin, giving 2 custom fireworks:

Without special explosions:

		$data = new FireworksData();
		$data->flight = 2;//flight time. default is 1
		$firework = new Fireworks();
		$nbt = Fireworks::ToNbt($data);//create the compound tag
		$firework->setNamedTag($nbt);//modify the item's compound tag
		$event->getPlayer()->getInventory()->addItem($firework);//give the item to a player (this case: PlayerJoinEvent $event)

With special explosions

		$explosion = new FireworksExplosion();//init an explosion
		$explosion->fireworkColor = [4, 4, 4];//set the color to custom colors
		$explosion->fireworkFade = [5, 5, 5];//set the fade color to custom colors
		$explosion->fireworkFlicker = true;//enable the flickering
		$explosion->fireworkTrail = false;//enable the trail
		$explosion->fireworkType = 4;//set the shape/type of the firework
		$data = new FireworksData();//create the generic data
		$data->flight = 2;
		$data->explosions[] = $explosion;//add the explosion
		$firework = new Fireworks();
		$nbt = Fireworks::ToNbt($data);

using v1.0.2
01 Aug 20
always need stop the server for restart or it give me an error.
using v1.0.2
12 Jan 18
works well, its not work if you have an elytra boost plugin

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