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A PocketMine-MP plugin as an alternative to MSpawns.
version 1.3.3
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260 Downloads / 1544 Total
16 Reviews
Plugin Description §

theSpawn - V1.3.3 Discord

This plugin will replace MSpawns! Help me to make this plugin better with feature requests or other things!

This plugin is not out of date and will get better developed from time to time. If you need an MSpawns alternative, theSpawn is the alternativ :)

I would be very happy if you rate this plugin :)


  • All MSpawns features:
    • set/change/remove Spawns
    • set/change/remove Lobbyspawn
    • Teleport to spawn/hub
    • Aliases [default: active]
    • use/dont' use hub server
    • API
    • Custom Messages
    • Config
  • waterdog teleport hub server support
  • Homes [default: active]
  • Warps [default: active]
  • Random-Hubs [default: deactive]
  • Teleport to hub on Join [default: active]


You've found a Bug?

  • Go to Issues
  • Click on New Issue
  • Write your bug with all Informations that you have down
  • Send Issue
  • Wait, I'll answer you


Command Description
/setspawn Set the spawn of a world
/delspawn Remove spawn of a world
/spawn Teleport you to spawn
/sethub [randomHubs: number/int] Set the hub of the server
/delhub [randomHubs: number/int] Remove the hub of the server
/hub Teleport you to hub
/setalias <alias> <world> Set an alias
/delalias <alias> Remove an alias
/sethome <home> Set a home
/delhome <home> Remove a home
/home <home> Teleport you to a home
/setwarp <warp> Set a warp
/delwarp <warp> Remove a warp
/warp <warp> Teleport you to a warp


This Plugin has the Apache License 2.0! Plugin by supercrafter333!


Information: This plugin is inspired by MSpawns

Owner: supercrafter333

Helper: ---

Icon: HannesTheDev [Thank you]

Discord-Tag: supercrafter333#4062

What's new §
  • add support for MCPE 1.17.10 (Protocol: 448)
  • config files will be updated better
  • hub-teleport-on-join is now false as default
  • add New Protocol (440)
  • Better updating of configuration files: config.yml & messages.yml are now creating a new file called
    filenameOld.yml, there you can get the old settings of the configs
  • New option in config.yml: hub-teleport-on-join [default: true]
    • Teleport player to hub, when the player is Joining
  • added Random-Hubs (#12)
  • Commands are now hided by permission (#13)
  • add customizable prefix
  • fix set hub bug
  • fix a misstake in config.yml
  • add command part to description
  • Protocol Update
    • add protocol 431
  • add Warps
  • add warp api functions
  • add new commands for warps
  • configuration file updates (config.yml & messages.yml)
  • Bug fix: Fix an Internal Server Error when player respawns

using v1.3.3
14 Jul 21
Thank you :))
using v1.3.2-1
19 Jun 21
Thanks :)
using v1.3.1
28 May 21
Its good Plugin 😉👍
Thank you :)
using v1.3.1
27 May 21
Yay hub on join
using v1.3.0
27 May 21
"Commands are now hided bei permission (#13)" Ahh yes "hided bei" Your English is clearly gooder Anyways great plugin still!
I'm so sorry :joy: I mean by not bei xD
using v1.2.5
21 May 21
How does this only have 500 downloads? Its legit a mixture of essentialsTP and MSpawns
Idk xD but Thanks :)))
using v1.2.5
10 May 21
Könntest du machen dass man mehrere hubs hat und dass man zu einem Random hub teleportiert wird
Hey, Herzlichen Dank für deinen Vorschlag. Bitte öffne ein Issue auf GitHub, wo du deinen Vorschlag reinschreibs. Und bitte schreibe es in Englisch, damit es jeder versteht und nicht nur wir Deutschen ;)
using v1.2.4
02 May 21
the plugin crashes when we respawn on the server
You've open a Issue on theSpawns Git but you don't given any more informations. And your english is bad. Sorry, but I can't help you, if you don't open a right Issue.
using v1.2.3
19 Apr 21
Sehr nices Plugin funktioniert super!
Dankeschön :)
using v1.2.3
13 Apr 21
Who do you think made this cool profile picture🤔
You ;) xD
using v1.2.3
10 Apr 21
“Fixed Misstake” - supercrafter333
xD Thx for 5 stars ;)
using v1.2.1
09 Apr 21
nice plugin
Thank you :)
using v1.2.1
05 Apr 21
Was about to add a warp plugin until I saw new update for this plugin!
using v1.1.0
27 Mar 21
Come one plugin name case
using v1.1.0
27 Mar 21
excellent replica of MSspawns.. which I've been using for years... until its end..
Thx :)
using v1.1.0
17 Mar 21
It looks very good, i will try it :D
Why do you give 4 stars? Please try it and update your rating :(

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