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The best teleportation plugin and the best MSpawns alternative!
version 2.0.5
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Plugin Description §


theSpawn - v2.0.5

The best teleportation plugin and the best MSpawns alternative!

This plugin is a much better MSpawns alternative! Help me to make this plugin better!

This plugin won't be out of date, it will get better developed from time to time. If you need a much better MSpawns alternative, theSpawn is it :)


  • All MSpawns features:
    • set/change/remove spawns [default: active]
    • set/change/remove hub [default: active]
    • Teleport to spawn/hub [default: active]
    • Aliases [default: active]
    • use/don't use hub server
    • API
    • Custom Messages
    • Config
  • Position validation/check [default: inactive]
  • Homes [default: active]
    • home editing
    • Max home count permission [default: inactive]
  • Warps [default: active]
    • warp editing
    • warp permissions
    • warp icons
  • TPAs [default: active]
  • Random-Hubs [default: inactive]
  • /back-command - Teleports you to the position where you have died [default: active]
  • PlayerWarps [default: active]
    • player-warp editing
    • player-warp icons
    • max player-warp count permission [default: inactive]
  • Forms / UIs [default: active]
  • Toast-Notifications for special features [default: inactive]
  • WaterdogPE hub-transfer support
  • Teleport to hub on join [default: active]
  • Teleport to hub on death [default: active]
  • Multiple languages [default: English (BE)]
  • Always Up-To-Date (available for PM5 and PHP 8.1)
  • Highly customizable (you can disable and enable every feature)


  • [X] Homes
  • [X] Command files
  • [X] Warps
  • [X] Random-Hubs (#12)
  • [X] TPAs (#14)
  • [X] Warp icons (#31)
  • [X] Warp editing (#35)
  • [X] Home editing (#38)
  • [X] /back-command (#43)
  • [X] Hub teleport on death (#39)
  • [X] Option to see the number of people in the world when using the warp-form (#57)
  • [X] Add player warps (#59)
  • [X] Add PM5 support (currently hybrid support for PM4 & PM5)
  • [X] Add PHP 8.1 support
  • [X] Add toast-notifications for special features

Supported versions

theSpawn version(s) PocketMine-MP version(s) PHP version(s)
1.8.x (EOL) 4.4.0+ 8.0.x
2.0.x 5.0.0+ 8.1.x

Report Bug

You've found a Bug?

  • Go to Issues
  • Click on New Issue
  • Write your bug with all Informations that you have down
  • Send Issue
  • Now wait, I'll answer you soon


Command Description
/setspawn Set the spawn of a world
/delspawn Remove spawn of a world
/spawn Teleport you to spawn
/sethub [randomHubs: number/int] Set the hub of the server
/delhub [randomHubs: number/int] Remove the hub of the server
/hub Teleport you to hub
/setalias <alias> <world> Set an alias
/delalias <alias> Remove an alias
/aliases Prints a list of all aliases or open a menu to edit aliases.
/sethome <home> Set a home
/delhome <home> Remove a home
/home <home> Teleport you to a home
/setwarp <warp> Set a warp
/delwarp <warp> Remove a warp
/warp <warp> Teleport you to a warp
/tpa <player> Send a teleportation awnser to a player
/tpahere <player> Send a teleportation awnser to a player
/tpaccept <player> Accept a tpa
/tpdecline <player> Decline a tpa
/editwarp [warp] Edit a warp
/edithome [home] Edit a home
/back Teleports you to the spot where you died
/playerwarp <subcommand> Manage, create, remove, or teleport you to a player-warp.


Permission Description Default
theSpawn.bypass Bypass permission (includes all permissions of theSpawn) op
theSpawn.spawn.cmd Command permission for /spawn everyone
theSpawn.setspawn.cmd Command permission for /setspawn op
theSpawn.delspawn.cmd Command permission for /delspawn op
theSpawn.hub.cmd Command permission for /hub everyone
theSpawn.sethub.cmd Command permission for /sethub op
theSpawn.delhub.cmd Command permission for /delhub op
theSpawn.alias.cmd Command permission for every alias-command everyone
theSpawn.aliases.cmd Command permission for /aliases
theSpawn.setalias.cmd Command permission for /setalias op
theSpawn.removealias.cmd Command permission for /removealias op
theSpawn.setwarp.cmd Command permission for /setwarp everyone
theSpawn.delwarp.cmd Command permission for /delwarp everyone
theSpawn.warp.cmd Command permission for /warp everyone
theSpawn.warp.NAME Allows you to teleport to a permission-saved-warp individual
theSpawn.warp.admin Bypass permission to be allowed to teleport to every warp op Bypass permission for home-related things op Bypass permission to create unlimited homes op
theSpawn.sethome.cmd Command permission for /sethome everyone
theSpawn.delhome.cmd Command permission for /delhome everyone
theSpawn.home.cmd Command permission for /home everyone
theSpawn.edithome.cmd Command permission for /edithome everyone
theSpawn.tpa.cmd Command permission for /tpa everyone
theSpawn.tpahere.cmd Command permission for /tpahere everyone
theSpawn.tpaccept.cmd Command permission for /tpaccept everyone
theSpawn.tpdecline.cmd Command permission for /tpdecline everyone
theSpawn.back.cmd Command permission for /back everyone
theSpawn.playerwarp.cmd Command permission for /playerwarp everyone
theSpawn.pwarps.unlimited Bypass permission to create unlimited player-warps op
theSpawn.pwarps.1 Allows you to create 1 player-warp everyone
theSpawn.pwarps.AMOUNT Allows you to create AMOUNT (please insert a number there) player-warps individual


This Plugin has the Apache License 2.0! Plugin by supercrafter333!


Information: This plugin is inspired by MSpawns.

Owner: supercrafter333

Translator: AyzrixYTB, MrBlasyMSK

Icon: HannesTheDev [Thank you]

Discord-Tag: supercrafter333#4062

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What's new §
  • [FIX] - Fix crash when tp to home with special chars
  • [README] - added permission-list to plugin-readme-file
  • [FIX] - crash on opening tpa-form while a pending tpa
  • [FIX] - homes cannot be deleted by forms
  • [FIX] - finally fixed #83
  • [FIX] - fixed typos in german language
  • theSpawn should work now
  • [NEW] - added support for a language (#77)
  • Poggit is having a bug and theSpawn's api-tag in the plugin.yml was an empty array because poggit is having some problems with the other PSR-standard (?) :((
    Now I fixed it for theSpawn

This is theSpawn's biggest update ever. It contains major code-changes, structure-changes and some new features.

  • [PHP-VERSION] - PHP 8.1 is now the minimum required PHP-version for theSpawn. PHP 8.0 or older won't be supported.
  • [POCKETMINE-MP VERSION] - added support for 5.0.0 (PM5), removed support for every PM4 version.
  • [CODE] - huge structure and API changes. (backward compatibility broken)
  • [NEW] - you can now disable and enable every feature of theSpawn
  • [NEW] - added player-warps
  • [NEW] - added an option to see the number of people in the world when using the warp-form (#57)
  • [NEW] - added forms to manage aliases
  • [NEW] - added forms for TPA's
  • [NEW] - added forms for player-warps
  • [NEW] - warps, player-warps and homes are now sorted when listed
  • [NEW] - added toast-notifications for some features
  • [NEW] - added the /aliases-command
  • [NEW] - added the /playerwarp-command
  • [NEW] - Smaller configuration files (for warps and homes)
  • [NEW] - Added events (for developers)
  • [NEW] - Updated code-documentation (for developers)
  • [CHANGE] - smaller configuration-files for warps and homes (warps and homes will be converted to the new format automatically)
  • [CHANGE] - improved performance
  • [FIX] - spawn delays no longer stop when players moving their heads
  • [FIX] - improved position-checks
  • [FIX] - random hubs can now be removed
  • [FIX] - fixed many bugs at TPA's
  • [REMOVE] - removed support for Waterdog-Server (!! NOT WaterdogPE !! only pure Waterdog-Servers !)
  • [VIRION] - now using EasyUI instead of FormAPI

This changelog includes the changes of:

  • [FIX] - Fixed #66
  • [FIX] - fixed a bug on trying to teleport to a non existing home
  • [CHANGE] - /home, /sethome and the /delhome command are now using all command-arguments instead of only the first argument
  • [FIX] - fixed some known bugs with aliases and added a missing message
  • [NEW] - added auto-complete for /tpaccept and /tpdecline (#52)
  • [FIX] - fixed #53
  • [FIX] - fixed some other known bugs with tpa's
  • [NEW] - added warp editing (#35)
    • added new command: /editwarp - edit a warp
  • [NEW] - added home editing (#38)
    • added new command: /edithome - edit a home
  • [NEW] - added new command: /back - Teleports you to the position where you have died (#43)
    • added config tags: use-back-command [true | false] ; back-time [int/number (in minutes)]
  • [NEW] - added hub teleport on death (#39)
    • added config tag: hub-teleport-on-death [true | false]
  • [NEW] - BETA-feature: added position-checks (default: false)
    • added theSpawn::isPositionSafe(Position|Location $position): bool to check if a position is safe
    • This is a beta-feature, it can contain bugs.

  • [NEW] - added a website for theSpawn
  • ⚠️ [NEW] - added support for player yaw and pitch (#33) - API backward compatiblity breakes!!
    • theSpawn::getHome(), theSpawn::getWarp(), theSpawn::getSpawn(), theSpawn::getRandomHub(), theSpawn::getHub() can now all return the Location-class too
    • all methods to set warps, homes, hubs and spawns are now supporting yaw and pitch as float and some methods got breaking API changes!!
  • [TRANSLATIONS] - @MrBlasyMSK added a new translation: Spanish (#34)
  • [VERSION] - bumped to the 2nd development version
  • ⚠️ [CHANGE] - warp permissions will now be true or false!! Custom permissions like "" are no longer supported!! All warp permissions will now have the following format:
  • [NEW] - Added warp-icons (#31)
  • [NEW] - max homes permissions (<amount> (for example:,
  • [NEW] - added sound (XpCollectSound) to the tpa-countdown
  • [CHANGE] - theSpawn::getHomeInfo() now returns the HomeInfo-Class or null
  • [CHANGE] - theSpawn::getWarpInfo() now returns the WarpInfo-Class or null
  • [CHANGE] - WarpInfo::exists()is now a private function (use theSpawn::existsWarp() instead)
  • [FIX] - fixed some bugs with warp permissions
  • [FIXED] - TPA's cannot be awnsered (#32)
  • [CLEANUP] - sourced out events from theSpawn.php to EventListener.php


  • [NEW] - added bypass permission theSpawn.bypass
  • [NEW] - added more forms for homes and warps (sethome, delhome, setwarp, delwarp)
  • [NEW] - added a new permission: theSpawn.warp.admin - teleport you to all warps with or without the permission for the warp
  • [UPDATE & FIX] - WarpInfo::getPermission() will now register the permission if the permission isn't registered
  • [FIX] - fixed a crash on updating messages.yml (custom messages)
  • [CLEANUP] - big code cleanup for theSpawn's commands
  • [POGGIT] - forms are no logner dispatching commands

Added offically support for PM4. This version isn't available for PocketMine-MP 3 (PM3). With this version, the further development of the PM3-version is also discontinued.

  • [NEW] - warp permissions [default: false]
  • [NEW] - Forms for warps and homes (with FormAPI) [default: false]
  • [NEW] - message system [Thank you @AyzrixYTB]
  • [CHANGE] - Renamed: WarpInfo::getLevel() -> WarpInfo::getWorld(), HomeInfo::getLevel() -> HomeInfo::getWorld()
  • [CHANGE] - Old message configurations will only work, if messages.yml will reactivate, you can do that when you set the message-config in the config.yml to CUSTOM (don't forget to update the version in messages.yml)
  • [FIX] - Fixed a bug on player respawn
  • [FIX] - Fixed a bug in AliasMap.php
  • [FIX] - Config comments will no longer removed when theSpawn gets informations from the config
  • [FIX] - Fixed a bug on player respawn (v1.5.1)
  • [FIX] - Tasks are now properly cancelled (v1.5.2)
  • [FIX] - Custom messages are now working (v1.5.3)
  • [UPDATE] - Updated some codes to new php8.0 features (the updated codes are looking better now)

[GitHub changelogs: V1.5.3, V1.5.2, V1.5.1, V1.5.0]

  • [FIX] - fixed issue #27
  • [CHANGE] - some codes are now using new php8.0 features (for constructors)
  • Added protocol-version 471 for mcpe 1.17.40
  • Fixed #26 (again)
  • Fixed #26 (Bug on teleport to hub on join)
  • [FIX] - Fixed some errors (and crashs) with homes and TPAs
  • [NEW] - TPAs (/tpa, /tpahere, /tpaccept, /tpdecline) [#14]
  • [NEW] - Spawn delay [#18]
  • [CHANGE] - Better configuration file updating
  • [FIX] - Fixed a bug, when no hub is set (the player will teleported to the spawn of the default level) [#20, #17, #10]
  • [FIX] - Fixed a respawn bug
  • add support for MCPE 1.17.10 (Protocol: 448)
  • config files will be updated better
  • hub-teleport-on-join is now false as default
  • add New Protocol (440)
  • Better updating of configuration files: config.yml & messages.yml are now creating a new file called
    filenameOld.yml, there you can get the old settings of the configs
  • New option in config.yml: hub-teleport-on-join [default: true]
    • Teleport player to hub, when the player is Joining
  • added Random-Hubs (#12)
  • Commands are now hided by permission (#13)
  • add customizable prefix
  • fix set hub bug
  • fix a misstake in config.yml
  • add command part to description
  • Protocol Update
    • add protocol 431
  • add Warps
  • add warp api functions
  • add new commands for warps
  • configuration file updates (config.yml & messages.yml)
  • Bug fix: Fix an Internal Server Error when player respawns

using v2.0.3
01 Oct 23
using v2.0.3
26 Sep 23
using v2.0.3
10 Aug 23
TODOs [ ] Add permissions list.
using v2.0.1-poggit
13 Jul 23
warp eror
Please open an issue on GitHub.
using v2.0.0-poggit
13 Jun 23
The Best Plugin Warp, I like it thanks for fixing the bug :)
Thank you very much :)
using v1.8.3
27 Sep 22
Cannot cancel tpa / tpahere requests.
Please report that on github. I'll also take a look to it. Thx
using v1.8.3
03 Jul 22
I starting it's ok but I join blm Error It say : Server Closed
Wow, that helpes me a lot
using v1.8.3
03 Jun 22
Please open a issue on github.
using v1.8.3
08 May 22
Wuff ;)
using v1.8.1
10 Apr 22
Thx :)
using v1.7.0
07 Apr 22
option to change prefix and tp to hub msg? great plugi n:D
Just use custom messages. Thank you :)
using v1.7.0
25 Mar 22
Crashes the server if you make a typo when warping. Please fix and ill make it a 5 star.
I'm sorry for that bug. Please open a issue on and give me more information. If I've more informations, I can fix it much faster.
using v1.7.0-dev
16 Mar 22
Cool Plugin, easy to use
using v1.6.2
15 Mar 22
Best warp and spawn plugin. I thank you so much for doing it
Thank you for your feedback and 5 stars :)
using v1.6.2
09 Mar 22
using v1.6.1
18 Feb 22
Thank you :)
using v1.6.1
16 Jan 22
Could you add a /wild command that teleports you to a random place in the wilderness plugin is good
This plugin won't add vanilla-features. But thx for 5 stars :)
using v1.6.1
07 Jan 22
very good plugin
Thank you :))
using v1.5.4
26 Dec 21
Nice Plugin
Thank you :)
using v1.4.3
02 Dec 21
Brother, it gives an error when you put / hub, / lobby, / spawn. Also when you die it gives you an error and it doesn't even let you enter the server
Please open a Issue on GitHub and paste the Error there.
using v1.4.3
01 Nov 21
Fantastic plugin, the best I've found so far, thanks for it! Great work!
Thank you very much :)
using v1.4.2-3
31 Oct 21 Pls help
This is already fixed!!
using v1.4.1-1
26 Sep 21
when i set a hub for the server and then relog the server crashes (internal server error) (i use pocketmine 3.22.5) can u please tell me how to fix it?
Use the new version (V1.4.2)
using v1.4.1-1
25 Sep 21
using v1.4.0-1
30 Aug 21
This plugin meets all needs. I do not think it will hurt, you can add the ability to choose the number of home points for a particular group of PurePerms.
I can add a permission like "" x = a number (like 10) and with "" players can create unlimited homes. Thanks for your good rating and your idea :)
using v1.4.0-1
29 Aug 21
Thanks :)))
using v1.4.0
25 Aug 21
Thank you :)
using v1.3.3
03 Aug 21
Se ve que has mejorado, me acuerdo de las versiones antiguas :'c. Pero ahora este plugin esta 10/10
Thank you :))
using v1.3.3
02 Aug 21
Good plugin.
using v1.3.3
14 Jul 21
Thank you :))
using v1.3.2-1
19 Jun 21
Thanks :)
using v1.3.1
28 May 21
Its good Plugin 😉👍
Thank you :)
using v1.3.1
27 May 21
Yay hub on join
using v1.3.0
27 May 21
"Commands are now hided bei permission (#13)" Ahh yes "hided bei" Your English is clearly gooder Anyways great plugin still!
I'm so sorry :joy: I mean by not bei xD
using v1.2.5
21 May 21
How does this only have 500 downloads? Its legit a mixture of essentialsTP and MSpawns
Idk xD but Thanks :)))
using v1.2.5
10 May 21
Könntest du machen dass man mehrere hubs hat und dass man zu einem Random hub teleportiert wird
Hey, Herzlichen Dank für deinen Vorschlag. Bitte öffne ein Issue auf GitHub, wo du deinen Vorschlag reinschreibs. Und bitte schreibe es in Englisch, damit es jeder versteht und nicht nur wir Deutschen ;)
using v1.2.4
02 May 21
the plugin crashes when we respawn on the server
You've open a Issue on theSpawns Git but you don't given any more informations. And your english is bad. Sorry, but I can't help you, if you don't open a right Issue.
using v1.2.3
19 Apr 21
Sehr nices Plugin funktioniert super!
Dankeschön :)
using v1.2.3
13 Apr 21
Who do you think made this cool profile picture🤔
You ;) xD
using v1.2.3
10 Apr 21
“Fixed Misstake” - supercrafter333
xD Thx for 5 stars ;)
using v1.2.1
09 Apr 21
nice plugin
Thank you :)
using v1.2.1
05 Apr 21
Was about to add a warp plugin until I saw new update for this plugin!
using v1.1.0
27 Mar 21
Come one plugin name case
using v1.1.0
27 Mar 21
excellent replica of MSspawns.. which I've been using for years... until its end..
Thx :)
using v1.1.0
17 Mar 21
It looks very good, i will try it :D
Why do you give 4 stars? Please try it and update your rating :(

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  • Collaborators:
    • @supercrafter333
  • Translators:
    • @AyzrixYTB
    • @BlusteryS
    • @MrBlasyMSK
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