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An innovative (long range brush) world editor.
version 4.0.0
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Plugin Description §


An innovative brush world editing tool for PocketMine-MP: A Minecraft server software written in PHP.


BlockSniper is an advanced world editing tool, based on the idea of VoxelSniper from Minecraft PC software. BlockSniper allows you to edit your world from a long distance, with several different types and shapes. Shapes are the shapes types are being executed in. This means that every type can be executed in any shape. A shape would, for example, be a sphere, a type replace. Every block in that shape will then get modified using the selected type; Replaced.

Almost all features can be managed using an in-game user interface. The brush menu can be opened using the /brush command.

Apart from just brushing, BlockSniper also features things such as copying and pasting (including schematics), undo and redo, presets and an extensive API for other plugins to build on.
For more information, make sure to check the Wiki.

Installation and Development Builds

Stable versio will be released at the release page at Poggit. To install a version:

  • Download the attached phar file.
  • Drop the plugin in the plugin folder.
  • Restart the server.

If you do decide to use a development version to benefit from the latest features, the development build list can be found when clicking the button below. (Warning! Only do this if you understand the development versions could contain bugs and be unstable)


Alternatively, BlockSniper may be downloaded by using: git clone --recursive in the plugin folder if DevTools is installed. Git must be installed.

BlockSniper can not be downloaded by downloading the ZIP file GitHub provides. The required dependencies will not be installed if this is done.


BlockSniper has a multi-language system, so everybody can have a good time using the plugin. We currently have nowhere near enough translated languages though, and we need your help! It is very appreciated if you help translate, so please do so whenever you have time. The available languages can be found under resources/languages.


A full list of permissions can be found in the plugin.yml file. It contains the most up to date permissions, so every permission available can be found there. Some permissions are also registered dynamically. The permissions of shapes consist out of: blocksniper.shape.<lowercase shapename>, whereas the permissions of types consist out of blocksniper.type.<lowercase typename>.


BlockSniper can be reviewed at the Poggit release page here. Any feedback given is very welcome and appreciated. Don't hesitate to share what you think about this plugin.


BlockHorizons can be contacted in the Discord server below.


Please note that third party modified versions of PocketMine-MP are not supported. Issues caused by them are closed immediately.


You can donate to help support the developers of the project on Patreon.

What's new §
  • PM-4.0 Support
  • Add Poggit badge to README
  • An even worse hack for RegenerateType brush
  • Bump Marshal submodule to 1.0.1
  • First look at 4.0.0-BETA12 support
  • Fixed BrushWindow doing some super buggy shit
  • Fixed Type->side()
  • Fixed UpdateNotifyTask crash
  • Fixed merge error
  • Fixed plugin.yml
  • Make dynamic constructor calls show up in PhpStorm search for references
  • Merge commit '194ee1de9294d27e5219cdfc2b6d8ea2cc337003' into API-4.0.0
  • Merge commit '1f3cfd992783cb3755c2118cf6989175e4508f7e' into API-4.0.0
  • Merge pull request #141 from alvin0319/API-4.0.0
    • Updated submodules
  • Merge pull request #149 from dktapps-pm-pl/API-4.0.0
    • Prepare for PM4 release
  • Merge pull request #151 from BlockHorizons/API-4.0.0
    • PM 4.0.0 support
  • Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into API-4.0.0
  • Move BrushItem to its own file
  • Move TreeProperties to its own class
  • Regenerate now finally works
  • RegenerateType: fixed a bunch of PHPStan errors
  • Rely on StringToItemParser
  • Remove Patreon link
  • Reuse existing highlight entity if we have one
    • when spawning new entities they briefly appear as steves, which is very disconcerting when using them as a target indicator.
  • Updated submodules
  • fix borked README icon
  • fixed incorrect current brush type/shape display in menus
    • it needs to lookup the name offset in the list of permitted types, not the global list.
  • phpstorm is simply retarded

Version 3.2.3 hotfixes:

  • Fixed the Internal Server Error when schematics were used, due to a corrupted submodule.

Version 3.2.2 Hotfixes:

  • Fix artifact_url that previously was messing up the .phar download link in the update notifier. (Thanks @JackMD)
  • Fixed unneeded double getTargetBlock calls. (Thanks @thebigsmileXD)

Version 3.2.1 hotfixes:

  • Brush: Fixed biomes not being set properly.
  • PresetCreationWindow: Fixed usages of $loader when they were not used.
  • BrushTask: Fixed wrongly type-hinted progress update method.
  • Updated Korean translations (#112)

Version 3.2.0: The Selection Update implements selection based world editing.

New Features:

  • Added a new UI option in the Brush section; Brush mode. Use it to toggle between Brush/Selection.
  • Added a progress indicator for async brushing/selection filling.
  • Added a new configuration setting; Selection Item. Use it to change the item used to select areas for copying and world editing.
  • All shapes may be used inside of selections.


  • Removed legacy cloning; Cloning now must be done through selection. When cloning, the cloned object will be pasted relative to your target block at the moment of cloning.

Bug Fixes:

  • Errors no longer occur when a player quits without a BlockSniper session.
  • Errors no longer occur when trying to use the /clone command.


  • This update adds new translation keys; Please make sure to remove the old language files from plugin_data/BlockSniper/languages/*

Version 3.1.1

Code cleanups:

  • Changed BaseTask to BlockSniperTask, simplified some code.
  • Removed an outdated plugin.yml command permission.


  • LayerType: Fixed /undo only removing the blocks in the corner.
  • Fixed inconsistent full stops from main-menu/subtitle.
  • Fixed and improved Korean translations.


  • Updated API documentation.

Version 3.1.0 is a step further in the direction of a terraforming tool.

New features:

  • Made the Tree type generate custom random trees.
  • Added a new UI section when doing /b to specify properties of trees.
  • Made trees work correctly with MyPlot integration.
  • Added an update notifier to notify when a new update of BlockSniper is released.


  • Fixed undoing trees.
  • Made trees work correctly with MyPlot integration.

Note: Your language files in plugin_data/BlockSniper/languages/ should be removed so that BlockSniper can generate new files.

  • The brush no longer breaks if an invalid block is entered in blocks.
  • Fixed Melt brush removing basically all blocks, instead of only the outter blocks.
  • Fixed issues with asynchronous brushing.
  • Fixed tree types and other types that do not operate asynchronously.
  • Added an in-game configuration property for session timeout time.
  • Change translations to not crash the server if one was not found, but instead show messages the translations are outdated.
  • Massively reduces memory usage for bigger brush sizes, so that crashes because of exhausted memory no longer occur for brush sizes that exceed the asynchronous operation size.
  • Fixes the session of players getting closed immediately when leaving the server, causing undo and redo storages to be discarded. Added a timeout time for sessions in the configuration.
  • Fixed outdated usage of forms for 3.2.0.
  • Fixed plugin not working in phar form because of faulty autoloader registering.

Version 3.0.0 is focused on fixing bugs and cleaning up code for new features in the future. There are therefore not a lot of new features in this update.

New Features:

  • Freeze type
  • Warm type
  • Heat type

Behavioural changes:

  • Removed excessive colours in the terminal.
  • Made it so that operators by default do not have permissions to modify other people's plots.
  • Added a permission that allows using BlockSniper outside of the plot world. By default set for operators.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed schematics.
  • Fixed MyPlot integration.
  • Fixed form compatibility with many other plugins that use forms.
  • Fixed preset and brush recovery and cleaned up file storage.
  • Fixed errors occuring when clone and paste commands were executed with no parameters.
  • Fixed session data not always saved due to __destruct not always being called.
  • Fixed errors occuring if permissions for BlockSniper were granted mid-game.
  • Add Chinese (Simplified) & Chinese (Traditional) (#88)
  • Update to 3.0.0-ALPHA11
  • Added Japanese Translations.
  • Fixed errors when descendants of AsyncRevert were passed to the async revert task.
  • Refactored translation system.
  • Added Travis.
  • Refactored revert system.
  • Bumped to ALPHA10.
  • Also create a session if the session does not yet exist when opening brush window.
  • Cleaned up shapes a bit, made README more formal.
  • Added korean and french languages.
  • Dynamic shape and type permission registering.
  • Experimental MyPlot support.
  • Fixed Regenerate type.
  • Fixed brush not doing anything.
  • Fixed some bugs related to the brush.
  • Moved Contact to a new section in the README.
  • Oops, I made git go bugshit.
  • Removed some leftovers and fixed copying.
  • Refactored getHollow to isHollow.
  • Stop pasting air in schematics, added a permission for editing the configuration.

Too much!

  • Asynchronous world editing.
  • Very easy ingame UI.
  • Schematics

Version 1.3.1 has been released!

What's new?

Improved code quality

  • Added easy access for developers to shape and type data.
  • Made the code more efficient, less duplicated code.


  • Added presets.
  • Added creating presets. (/b preset new)
  • Added using presets. (/b preset )
  • Added listing presets. (/b preset list)
  • Added removing presets. (/b preset delete )

Brush parameters

  • Added hollow shapes. (/b hollow <1/0>)
  • Made obsolete able to have more blocks at once. (/b obsolete <block1,block2>)
  • Added brush reset. (/b reset)


  • Made maximum clone size configurable.


  • Updated the API to PocketMine 3.0.0-ALPHA4.
  • Implemented getApproximateProcessedBlocks method for shapes.

Bug fixes

  • Improved undo stores, by clearing them over time. (fixed)
  • Fixed wrong permission node.

Performance Improvements

  • Made configuration have better performance.
  • Made translations have better performance.

New brush Types

  • Added FlattenAll type, flattens land above the given block too.
  • Added TopLayer type, lays a layer of blocks using the thickness of Brush height.

Enjoy this new version of BlockSniper!

BlockSniper version 1.2.0 has been released!

What's new?


  • Added ways to extend BlockSniper, by adding new types and shapes.
  • Added some more functions.


  • Cleaned a lot of code.
  • Improved type and shape registering, making adding new types and shapes very easy.

New Types

  • Added Raise type.

Bug fixes

  • Improved Undo storage management.


  • Added undo-ing more than one modification at once. (/undo [number])


  • Added /clone command.
  • Added /paste command.


  • Added copying.
  • Added cloning templates.


  • Added pasting copies.
  • Added pasting templates.

Have fun with this new version of BlockSniper!

using v4.0.0
13 Jul 23
Pm5 pls 😭
using v4.0.0
23 Mar 23
using v4.0.0
27 Jul 22
when using the plugin i get game lag
using v4.0.0
16 May 22
using v4.0.0
22 Apr 22
using v4.0.0
20 Apr 22
using v3.2.3
13 Mar 22
Update it to API 4
using v3.2.3
26 Jul 20
using v3.2.3
11 May 20
This is a great plugin! I’ve got an issue where the brush UI breaks for non-OPs after reloading the server.
using v3.2.3
03 Mar 20
Magnificent tool! Really makes creative bounderies disappear. Thank you for creating this!
using v3.2.3
25 Dec 19
not bad plugin
using v3.2.3
02 Jan 19
Good plugin m8!
20 Jan 19
Thank you!
Staff Outdated
using v3.2.0
11 Oct 18
Couldn't have asked for more. A very easy to use, superb and a solid plugin. Love it ❤️
11 Oct 18
Thank you! Glad to hear you find it a nice plugin!
using v3.1.0
25 Sep 18
A very good plugin, and very complete wiki. Have a look there: :3
using v3.1.0
18 Sep 18
Thanks for such a great plugin!
18 Sep 18
Glad you find it useful, thanks for the review!
using v3.0.2
06 Sep 18
Wonderful Product, one of the best MCPE Plugins.
07 Sep 18
Thank you very much!
using v2.3.1
19 Apr 18
Please Please Please update to ALPHA12!! :D This plugin is awsome!
using v2.3.1
19 Apr 18
Thank you for giving me permission to make a video about in this plugin
using v2.3.1
15 Apr 18
I can translate this plugin into Russian if you want.
using v1.1.0
25 Feb 17
My new favorite word editor!

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