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High Quality PocketMine Plugins

Download reviewed plugins with simple URLs from Poggit Release

Poggit is the official plugin repository for PocketMine Minecraft Servers running PMMP PocketMine. For more information on setting up a PocketMine Server please see the documentation , or browse the PMMP forums. Server owners can download plugins, subscribe to projects, or vote for and review plugins. Developers can log in with a GitHub account to build plugins directly from Github, and submit them for release on Poggit.

Plugins released on Poggit are reviewed by staff and members of the community. You can filter plugins by API version to list those that are compatible with your server, browse the latest or most popular plugins, search for the plugins you need, and download the plugin .phar files to place in your servers 'plugins' folder.

Currently 323 plugins have been released on Poggit Release, of which 220 can run on API 3.0.0

You may also download plugins from the command line using tools like wget or curl: wget See the API documentation for more details.

Review Plugins

You can vote on a plugin and give comments to let others know if the plugin is good. You can also give suggestions there, but remember not to use reviews as the bug tracker!

Tools for Developers

Build phar files automatically from GitHub source code.

Once you have set up your plugins GitHub repo with Poggit-CI, Poggit-CI will create a .phar file from your code every time you push commits to the designated branches. This allows your users to update to the latest unreleased snapshots of your plugin without you having to build the plugin and upload it yourself.

When you receive pull requests Poggit also creates Pull Request builds, so you can test the pull request by downloading a build from Poggit CI directly. Pull Request builds may be dangerous to use!

Virions — Libraries for PocketMine plugins

Some developers write libraries specifically for PocketMine plugins, which you can include automatically within your own builds using Poggit. See the Virion Documentation for details. You may find a list of virions here.

Lint for PocketMine Plugins

Poggit will check your plugin for common problems after creating a build. You can consult the lint result on the Poggit-CI page. The lint result will also be reported as GitHub status checks, which will do many cool things.

Poggit cannot test the builds for you, but there is a script that you can put into your Travis-CI build which will download builds from Poggit for testing. Refer to this example in WorldEditArt.

Boring stats

Users registered: 3708

Repos integrated: 2604

Plugin Projects created: 3849

Plugin Builds created: 30815

Virion Projects created: 72

Virion Builds created: 833

Released plugins (at least one version Voted or above): 323

Compatible released plugins (at least one version Voted or above, compatible with 3.0.0): 220

Total released plugin downloads: 604056

Number of IP addresses visiting Poggit: 159650

02 Dec 2018 8863/17762 downloads
PurePerms v1.4.2-c2a poggit-orphanage
21 Jun 2018 12122/19364 downloads
EconomyAPI v5.7.2 poggit-orphanage
07 Feb 2019 3415/17453 downloads
DevTools v1.13.3 pmmp
21 Jun 2018 9856/17032 downloads
PureChat v1.4.11 poggit-orphanage
12 Jul 2018 9894/16697 downloads
SimpleWarp v4.0.1 Falkirks
12 Jun 2019 356/16181 downloads
Slapper v1.4.3 jojoe77777
17 May 2019 1022/11242 downloads
MyPlot v1.5.4 jasonwynn10
18 Sep 2018 5430/11216 downloads
PureEntitiesX v0.6.0 RevivalPMMP
05 Jun 2019 688/10830 downloads
MultiWorld v1.5.1 CzechPMDevs
12 Apr 2019 1809/10422 downloads
essentialsTP v1.2.2 poggit-orphanage
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