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Download reviewed plugins with simple URLs from Poggit "Release"

When developers submit plugins to Poggit they are reviewed and tested before being released to the public. Poggit Plugins are therefore considered safe to use, and quality is generally promising. Log in with a GitHub account to see more plugins, leave reviews, and start building your own plugins. If you haven't done so already, make sure you visit the official PMMP forums for PocketMine help, advice, tutorials and more.

The plugin index is categorized, and each released plugin is versioned. Use the search box to list Poggit plugins by category, author & keywords.

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Build Projects Automatically with Poggit

Create builds the moment you push to GitHub.

Poggit CI will set up webhooks in your repos to link to Poggit. When you push a commit to your repo, Poggit will create a development build. When you receive pull requests, Poggit also creates PR builds, so you can test the pull request by downloading a build from Poggit CI directly.

Different plugin frameworks are supported. Currently, the normal one with a plugin.yml, and the NOWHERE framework, can be used.

An online language manager can also be enabled. After you push some language files to your repo, there will be a webpage for online translator, and other people can help you translate your plugin to other languages. Then the poglang library will be compiled with your plugin, along with some language files contributed by the community.

Register with GitHub to setup projects

Lint for PocketMine Plugins

Check pull requests before you merge them.

After Poggit CI creates a build for your project, it will also execute lint on it. Basically, lint is something that checks if your code has problems. See Poggit Help: Lint for everything the lint checks.

You can check out the lint result on the Poggit Build page. The lint result will also be uploaded to GitHub, in the form of status checks, which will do many cool things.

Note: Poggit cannot test the builds for you, but there is a script that you can put into your Travis-CI build, which will wait for and then download builds from Poggit for testing.

Concentrate on your code.
Leave the dirty work to the machines.

Download plugins easily. Automatic development builds. Lint tailored for PocketMine plugins.
Register with GitHub in a few seconds to enable the magic.

Why does Poggit exist? Simply to stop a situation from the web comic xkcd from happening.

29 Jun 2017 259/986 downloads
SimpleAuth Version 1.8.1-dev1 poggit-orphanage
26 Jun 2017 361/1346 downloads
DevTools Version 1.12.1 pmmp
09 Jul 2017 52/52 downloads
XYZ Version 1.0.2 poggit-orphanage
02 Jul 2017 169/508 downloads
essentialsTP Version 1.1.1-dev2 poggit-orphanage
30 Jun 2017 110/160 downloads
PlayerInfo Version 1.2.3 Matthww
29 Jun 2017 63/229 downloads
RankPoints Version 1.5.2 Awzaw
29 Jun 2017 44/150 downloads
Neon Version 1.0.9 Awzaw
29 Jun 2017 74/232 downloads
Parkour Version 1.5.3 Awzaw
29 Jun 2017 70/299 downloads
AntiSpamPro Version 1.3.4 Awzaw
29 Jun 2017 67/202 downloads
BanItem Version 2.3.1-dev1 poggit-orphanage
29 Jun 2017 156/494 downloads
SimpleAuthHelper Version 2.0.5-dev1 poggit-orphanage
29 Jun 2017 268/935 downloads
PurePerms Version 1.4.1-dev1 poggit-orphanage
29 Jun 2017 86/263 downloads
EconomyLand Version 2.1.0-dev1 poggit-orphanage
29 Jun 2017 122/462 downloads
EconomyShop Version 2.0.8-dev1 poggit-orphanage
29 Jun 2017 133/598 downloads
EconomyAPI Version 5.7.1-dev1 poggit-orphanage
29 Jun 2017 161/647 downloads
PureChat Version 1.4.1-dev1 poggit-orphanage