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High Quality PocketMine Plugins

Download reviewed plugins with simple URLs from Poggit Release

Plugins released on Poggit are reviewed by Poggit staff and members of the community. You can filter the plugins your server can use, find the latest or best-received plugins, search the plugins you need and download the plugin onto your server directly.

Currently 94 plugins have been released on Poggit Release, of which 75 can run on API 3.0.0-ALPHA9

In addition to the web interface, the Sheep plugin by KnownUnown allows you to manage your plugins from Poggit right from the server console.

You may also download plugins from the command line using tools like wget or curl: wget https://poggit.pmmp.io/get/Sheep See the API documentation for more details.

Vote to approve, reject or review plugins

Poggit has a community of 773 registered users and up to 22528 unregistered users. Many parts of Poggit are supported by this community:

Logged-in users can access plugins that have only been tentatively approved ("Checked"). Poggit staff have not yet reviewed them carefully, but checked plugins will probably not intentionally harm your server, install viruses etc. You may try these plugins at a small risk, and if you think a checked plugin is good enough to be listed you can vote to approve it. On the other hand, if you find it quite useless or so buggy that it doesn't deserve to be approved on the plugin list, you can vote to reject it. With enough votes, the plugin will become rejected or approved.

Logged-in users can also give plugins a score and leave review comments to tell other users if the plugin is good, useful, laggy, inconvenient etc.

Tools for Developers

Build phar files automatically from GitHub source code. Lint tailored for PocketMine plugins.
Register with GitHub in a few seconds to enable the magic.

If you set up your plugins GitHub repo with Poggit-CI, Poggit-CI will create a .phar file from your code every time you push commits to the designated branches. This will allow your users to update to the latest unreleased snapshots of your plugin, and you don't have to build the plugin and upload it yourself.

When you receive pull requests, Poggit also creates PR builds, so you can test the pull request by downloading a build from Poggit CI directly. PR builds may be dangerous to use!

Virions — Libraries for PocketMine plugins

Some developers write libraries specifically for PocketMine plugins, which you can include automatically within your own builds using Poggit. See the Virion Documentation for details. You may find a list of virions here.

Lint for PocketMine Plugins

Poggit will check your plugin for common problems after creating a build. You can consult the lint result on the Poggit-CI page. The lint result will also be reported as GitHub status checks, which will do many cool things.

Poggit cannot test the builds for you, but there is a script that you can put into your Travis-CI build which will download builds from Poggit for testing. Refer to this example in WorldEditArt.

Concentrate on your code.
Leave the dirty work to the machines.

Boring stats

Users registered: 773

Repos integrated: 629

Plugin Projects created: 951

Plugin Builds created: 8227

Virion Projects created: 19

Virion Builds created: 214

Released plugins (at least one version Voted or above): 94

Compatible released plugins (at least one version Voted or above, compatible with 3.0.0-ALPHA9): 75

Total released plugin downloads: 43275

Number of IP addresses visiting Poggit: 22528

20 Nov 2017 8/1135 downloads
FactionsPro v1.3.11-6 poggit-orphanage
17 Nov 2017 9/9 downloads
ConsolePush v1.1.0 SOF3
06 Nov 2017 192/2898 downloads
DevTools v1.12.7 pmmp
15 Nov 2017 42/42 downloads
EnderChest v1.0.0 TheAz928
14 Nov 2017 14/183 downloads score 5 /5 (1)
PocketVote v2.0.3 ProjectInfinity
12 Nov 2017 43/56 downloads
PlayerSelectors v1.0.6 Ad5001
10 Nov 2017 10/20 downloads
GenPainterPE v1.0.1 Ad5001
10 Nov 2017 22/33 downloads
TicTacToe v0.1.1 robske110
07 Nov 2017 25/81 downloads
LiveXYZ v0.6.0-4-beta dktapps
07 Nov 2017 62/683 downloads
FactionsProBeta v1.4.5-8 poggit-orphanage
07 Nov 2017 94/186 downloads score 5 /5 (1)
KitUI v1.1.3 Infernus101
02 Nov 2017 50/243 downloads
Sheep v5.0.3 KnownUnown
31 Oct 2017 6/26 downloads
StatusList v1.1.0 robske110
31 Oct 2017 4/15 downloads
WarnOffline v1.1.0 robske110
04 Nov 2017 83/146 downloads
PiggyCustomEnchants v1.0.5 DaPigGuy
28 Oct 2017 21/215 downloads
HotBlock v1.0.6 survanetwork
28 Oct 2017 31/231 downloads
BadWordBlocker v1.2.0 survanetwork
28 Oct 2017 46/411 downloads
AllSigns v1.0.5 survanetwork