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Makes water in cauldrons boil when there's fire under it and allows players to cook food in the boil
version 1.0.1-stable
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Plugin Description §


Makes water in cauldrons boil when there's fire under it and allows players to cook food in the boil

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• Description
• Planned Features
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📙 Description

This can be aesthetic or functional or both, as it displays a particle effect above a cauldron and allows the player to cook food in the cauldron when fire or lava is placed under it. The max stack size and time for each item is configurable!!!

Each feature can be individually enabled or disabled in the configuration file.

Particle Effect: The particles are right above the water regardless of the water level of the cauldron. The normal function of the cauldron is not changed. This is just a small visual effect to make a server seem more alive. I saw a server place a cauldron above fire as if to heat or boil the water, but the water was just sitting there, so I decided to make the setup a little more interesting.

Cooking Food: To cook food, throw the raw food into the cauldron (the max stack size can be set in the config - defaults to 1). The cooked food will come out after the amount of time set in the config (defaults to 8 seconds) multiplied by the stack size and the water level will go down by one level. There must be some water in the cauldron in order for the food to be accepted into the cauldron.

🎁 Planned Features

  • FOOD EFFECTS Give effects to the player when he eats food cooked in potions from the cauldron.
  • ADVANCED FEATURES Customizable Particles or blocks
  • FOODS What foods can be cooked and the corresponding outcomes.

🖱 Configurations

There are different types of configurations in the plugin:

  • enabled-worlds: In which worlds does the plugin take effect.
  • cook-time: How many seconds does a cauldron cook a piece of food. Cooking can be disabled.
  • max-stack: How many items does a cauldron can cook at once.
  • damages: Control how much damage player take from being inside a boiling cauldron. Damages can be disabled.

🙋‍ Contribution

Feel free to contribute if you have ideas or found an issue.

You can:

Please read our Contribution Guidelines before creating an issue or submitting a pull request.

Many thanks for their support to all contributors!

What's new §
  • fixed crash caused by updating cauldron on null level
  • added potatoes and rabbit food

using v1.0.1-stable
31 Aug 21
Nice plugin, btw spice admin abooze pls demoot he deleted my Review after he fixed that error
using v1.0.1-stable
31 Aug 21
Buset bro :v canda wahyu hahaha hayyuk
using v1.0.0-stable
30 Aug 21
cooking potatos has never been better.
using v1.0.0-stable
30 Aug 21

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