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Advanced WorldEdit plugin
version 1.1.0-beta1
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1181 Downloads / 1181 Total
5 Reviews
Plugin Description §

✔️ Basic WorldEdit commands
✔️ Supports fast filling
✔️Simple hill making
✔️ Minecraft: Java Version maps world fixer
✔️ Supports last pocketmine api version

🔧 How to install BuilderTools?

  1. Download latest version from poggit
  2. Move dowloaded file to your server /plugins/ folder
  3. Restart the server

🏠 BuilderTools commands:

  • All BuilderTools commands starts with //except for the /buildertools command that was added as an alias because //help not works in newer versions.
  • In game, you can get list of all commands using commands //commands

All BuilderTools Commands:

Command Description
//commands Displays list BuilderTools commands

Alias: //commands, /buildertools
Usage: //commands <page: 1-4>
//pos1 Select first position

Aliases: //1, //pos1
Usage: //pos1

You need select two possitions for eg. filling or fixing Minecraft: Java Edition maps.
//pos2 Select second position

Aliases: //2, //pos2
Usage: //pos2

You need select two possitions for eg. filling or fixing Minecraft: Java Edition maps.
//fill Fill selected area

Aliases: //set, //change
Usage: //fill <id1:dmg1,id2,...>

First you must create area using //pos1, //pos2 or by //wand.
//wand Switch wand tool

Usage: //wand

First position is set by breaking the block, second by touching the block. Wand tool can be turned of typing //wand again.
//sphere Creates sphere

Usage: //sphere <id1:dmg1,id2,...> <radius>

Creates a sphere in your position.
//cube Creates cube

Usage: //cube <id1:dmg1,id2,...> <radius>

Creates a cube in your position.
//replace Replace blocks in selected area

Usage: //replace <blocksToReplace: id1,id2> <blocks: id1:dmg1,id2,...>

Replace blocks in selected area. First you must create area using //pos1, //pos2 or by //wand.
//draw Draws with blocks

Usage: `//draw <cube
//copy Copy selected area into the clipboard

Usage: //copy

Copied area can be placed again using //paste, merged with the environment //merge or rotated //rotate.
//paste Paste copied area

Usage: //paste
//merge Merge copied area

Usage: //merge
//rotate Rotate copied area

Usage: //rotate

When rotating an object, you must rotate to the side to which you want to rotate the object, and then write the confirm to the chat. If you want to cancel rotation, type cancel into the chat.
//flip Flip copied area

Usage: //flip

Rotate copied area upside down.
//undo Cancels BuilderTools action

Usage: //undo
//fix Fixes blocks from Minecraft: Java Edition

Usage: //fix

First you must create area using //pos1, //pos2 or by //wand.
//tree Spawns tree

Usage: `//tree <tree
//naturalize Replaces blocks in selected area to grass,dirt and stone

Usage: //naturalize
//id Displays id of item in your hand

Usage: //id
//clearinventory Clears inventory

Usage: //clearinventory
Alias: //ci

📃 Permissions:

All BuilderTools Permissions:

Permission Command Opertor //commands ✔️
bt.cmd.pos1 //pos1 ✔️
bt.cmd.pos2 //pos2 ✔️
bt.cmd.fill //fill ✔️
bt.cmd.wand //wand ✔️
bt.cmd.sphere //sphere ✔️
bt.cmd.cube //cube ✔️
bt.cmd.draw //draw ✔️
bt.cmd.copy //copy ✔️
bt.cmd.paste //paste ✔️
bt.cmd.merge //merge ✔️
bt.cmd.rotate //rotate ✔️
bt.cmd.flip //flip ✔️
bt.cmd.undo //undo ✔️
bt.cmd.fix //fix ✔️
bt.cmd.tree //tree ✔️
bt.cmd.naturalize //naturalize ✔️ //id ✔️
bt.cmd.clearinventory //clearinventory ✔️

💰 Credits

💡 License

Copyright 2018 CzechPMDevs  
Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");  
you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.  
You may obtain a copy of the License at  
Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software  
distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,  
See the License for the specific language governing permissions and  
limitations under the License.

Full license here.

using v1.1.0-beta1
11 Dec 18
There’s a huge bug in //undo because when you do it, it kicks you out the game and says “Server error” then I checked the server log and see that it crashed for me when I do //undo
using v1.1.0-beta1
10 Dec 18
update the version better, and many errors in the command function...
using v1.1.0-beta1
24 Nov 18
When it released? Because this version is buggy.
using v1.1.0-beta1
22 Oct 18
How that plugin got accepted ? Contains bugs, freezing server (if you dont set a position and you do /naturalize rip your serv), ect... Make sure the plugin is working 100% before get accepted
22 Oct 18
Thanks for review. When I tested BuilderTools I didn't find any errors. However version 1.1.0-beta1 is pre-release and can contains some bugs. So you can create issue at plugin github page to fix.
using v1.1.0-beta1
21 Oct 18
Awesome plugin... still trying it out.. but I have a question.. can I copy a house using //wand or //pos and paste it to another location? I wanna be sure before I try it out, so I don’t mess something up
22 Oct 18
Yes, you can, there are two commands for pasting, //paste and //merge, //paste replaces all blocks with copied and //merge replaces only air

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