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Advanced WorldEdit plugin
version 1.2.0-beta2
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Plugin Description §

✔️ Advanced WorldEdit commands
✔️ Supports fast filling
✔️ Schematics support
✔️Simple hill making
✔️ Minecraft: Java Version maps world fixer
✔️ Supports last pocketmine api version

👍 1.2 Update:

  • Plugin cleanup
  • Lots of new commands
  • Bug fixes
  • Schematics support

🏠 BuilderTools commands:

  • All BuilderTools commands starts with //except for the /buildertools command that was added as an alias because //help not works in newer versions.
  • In game, you can get list of all commands using commands //commands

All BuilderTools Commands:

Command Description
//commands Displays list BuilderTools commands

Alias: //commands, /buildertools
Usage: //commands <page: 1-4>
//pos1 Select first position

Aliases: //1, //pos1
Usage: //pos1

You need select two possitions for eg. filling or fixing Minecraft: Java Edition maps.
//pos2 Select second position

Aliases: //2, //pos2
Usage: //pos2

You need select two possitions for eg. filling or fixing Minecraft: Java Edition maps.
//fill Fill selected area

Aliases: //set, //change
Usage: //fill <id1:dmg1,id2,...>

First you must create area using //pos1, //pos2 or by //wand.
//wand Switch wand tool

Usage: //wand

First position is set by breaking the block, second by touching the block. Wand tool can be turned of typing //wand again.
//sphere Creates sphere

Usage: //sphere <id1:dmg1,id2,...> <radius>

Creates a sphere in your position.
//cube Creates cube

Usage: //cube <id1:dmg1,id2,...> <radius>

Creates a cube in your position.
//replace Replace blocks in selected area

Usage: //replace <blocksToReplace: id1,id2> <blocks: id1:dmg1,id2,...>

Replace blocks in selected area. First you must create area using //pos1, //pos2 or by //wand.
//draw Draws with blocks

Usage: `//draw <cube
//copy Copy selected area into the clipboard

Usage: //copy

Copied area can be placed again using //paste, merged with the environment //merge or rotated //rotate.
//paste Paste copied area

Usage: //paste
//merge Merge copied area

Usage: //merge
//rotate Rotate copied area

Usage: //rotate

When rotating an object, you must rotate to the side to which you want to rotate the object, and then write the confirm to the chat. If you want to cancel rotation, type cancel into the chat.
//flip Flip copied area

Usage: //flip

Rotate copied area upside down.
//undo Cancels BuilderTools action

Usage: //undo
//fix Fixes blocks from Minecraft: Java Edition

Usage: //fix

First you must create area using //pos1, //pos2 or by //wand.
//tree Spawns tree

Usage: `//tree <tree
//naturalize Replaces blocks in selected area to grass,dirt and stone

Usage: //naturalize
//id Displays id of item in your hand

Usage: //id
//clearinventory Clears inventory

Usage: //clearinventory
Alias: //ci
//blockinfo Switch block info mode

Usage: //blockinfo
Alias: //bi

In blockinfo mode you can get information about block by touching it.
//hsphere Creates hollow sphere

Usage: //hsphere <id1:dmg1,id2,...> <radius>

Creates hollow sphere in your position.
//hcube Creates hollow cube

Usage: //hcube <id1:dmg1,id2,...> <radius>

Creates hollow cube in your position.
//pyramid Creates pyramid

Usage: //pyramid <id1:dmg1,id2,...> <radius>

Creates pyramid in your position.
//hpyramid Creates hollow pyramid

Usage: //hpyramid <id1:dmg1,id2,...> <radius>

Creates hollow pyramid in your position.
//stack Stacks copied area

Usage: `//stack [side
//outline Fills holow selected area

Usage: //outline <id1:dmg1,id2,...>

Fills holow selected area.
//move Move blocks

Usage: //move <x> <y> <z>

Move blocks in selected area.
//schematic Manage with schematics

Usage: `//schem <reload

📃 Permissions:

All BuilderTools Permissions:

Permission Command Opertor //commands ✔️
bt.cmd.pos1 //pos1 ✔️
bt.cmd.pos2 //pos2 ✔️
bt.cmd.fill //fill ✔️
bt.cmd.wand //wand ✔️
bt.cmd.sphere //sphere ✔️
bt.cmd.cube //cube ✔️
bt.cmd.draw //draw ✔️
bt.cmd.copy //copy ✔️
bt.cmd.paste //paste ✔️
bt.cmd.merge //merge ✔️
bt.cmd.rotate //rotate ✔️
bt.cmd.flip //flip ✔️
bt.cmd.undo //undo ✔️
bt.cmd.fix //fix ✔️
bt.cmd.tree //tree ✔️
bt.cmd.naturalize //naturalize ✔️ //id ✔️
bt.cmd.clearinventory //clearinventory ✔️
bt.cmd.blockinfo //blockinfo ✔️
bt.cmd.hsphere //hsphere ✔️
bt.cmd.hcube //hcube ✔️
bt.cmd.schematic //schematic ✔️
bt.cmd.cylinder //cylinder ✔️
bt.cmd.hcylinder //hcylinder ✔️
bt.cmd.pyramid //pyramid ✔️
bt.cmd.hpyramid //hpyramid ✔️
bt.cmd.stack //stack ✔️
bt.cmd.outline //outline ✔️
bt.cmd.move //move ✔️
bt.cmd.schematic //schematic ✔️

🗺️ Schematics

  • BuilderTools supports only MC-Edit schematics file format. Other formats won't be loaded
  • Schematics files are loaded through async tasks when server starts and are stored on server rams. If you want to load schematics when is used //schem load command, change schematic.load from startup to oncommand in /plugin_data/BuilderTools/config.yml

Schematic Loading:

  1. Download schematic file e.g. from and put it to /plugin_data/BuilderTools/schematics/ folder
  2. Type //schem load <schematic>
  3. Type //schem paste

🔧 Configuration

  • New in 1.2
  • Default configuration:
# Do not change this!
config-version: 1.2.0    
  # Available modes: startup, oncommand    
  # - startup - when plugin starts, all schematics will loaded
  # - oncommand - schematics will been loaded when player use '//schem load' command
 load: startup    
    enabled: true    
    name: "§r§fWand Axe\n§7§oBreak for first pos\n§7§oTouch for second pos"    
    enabled: false    
    name: "§r§fDebug Stick\n§7§oTouch block for info"    

💰 Credits

💡 License

Copyright 2018-2019 CzechPMDevs    
Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");    
you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.    
You may obtain a copy of the License at    
Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software    
distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,    
WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied.    
See the License for the specific language governing permissions and    
limitations under the License.  

Full license here.

What's new §
  • Added support for api 3.9.0+
  • Schematics are now loaded using AsyncTask when server starts
  • Bug fixes
  • Schematic support
  • New commands: //hcube, //hsphere, //pyramid, //hpyramid, //cylinder, //hcylinder, //stack, //outline, //move, //schematic
  • Small cleanup
  • Bug fixes
  • Plugin cleanup
  • New icon
  • fixed fill command (signs works for now)
  • fast filling is faster
  • undo works
  • added redo
  • added fast fill to //paste; //merge and //fix
  • fixed some crashes new in 1.8

using v1.2.0-beta2
22 Mar 21
When I try to load an MC-Edit schematics file, the console comes up with this error: [Server thread/CRITICAL]: Could not execute asynchronous task SchematicLoadTask: Task crashed. help will be appreciated. msg me on discord: zCrazy#7165
using v1.2.0-beta2
21 Aug 20
if you could add something that could rotate an object the plugin would be easier to use to make a skywars
using v1.2.0-beta2
20 Aug 20
its ok, i dont know how to use //set for percents. like for example when i do //set 8,15,16 it only fills iron but i want all of them mixed together randomly.
using v1.2.0-beta2
08 Aug 20
A must have for builders, would be useful to have //walls
using v1.2.0-beta2
26 Jul 20
using v1.2.0-beta2
02 Jul 20
using v1.2.0-beta2
01 Jul 20
naturalize command error occurs and closes the server when I try to use it (I'm in mcpe 1.16)
using v1.2.0-beta2
01 Jul 20
Could You add Brush So people can make mountaitan terrian ?
21 Mar 21
I'd recommend BlockSniper plugin for that purpose, however, in buildertools is inbound //draw command with similar function
using v1.2.0-beta2
18 Jun 20
Very good, but //naturlize do not working.
using v1.2.0-beta2
23 May 20
Best one I've used so far!! As previously mentioned, would love //walls
21 Mar 21
Try beta3
using v1.2.0-beta2
09 May 20
//naturalize doesn’t work for me
21 Mar 21
Try beta3
using v1.2.0-beta2
14 Apr 20
Great plugin. Would love to see a //schem save option to create my own schematics. I had the crash problem on /copy but I upgraded my server memory and that fixed it. I think copying large regions requires large amounts of memory. Surprise surprise.
using v1.2.0-beta2
11 Apr 20
Love it (thanks!) but crashes if copying a lot: Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 1073741824 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 20480 bytes) in phar://C:/PocketMine/plugins/BuilderTools.phar/src/czechpmdevs/buildertools/editors/Copier.php on line 82
using v1.2.0-beta2
22 Mar 20
The plugin is very good, but there is one thing, can you make permissions for everything, and not separately?
using v1.2.0-beta2
27 Feb 20
using v1.2.0-beta2
13 Feb 20
Great world edit plugin, stands up to general standards. Just wondering if other commands are going to be in the next release of this plugin (such as //replacenear and //walls).
using v1.2.0-beta2
04 Feb 20
Crashes when //copy
using v1.2.0-beta2
17 Jan 20
Love this plugin! I have one problem. Is there another schematic format I should look for, or is it just a plugin error? I would really like to know why it says that "Sponge" is not supported after I type "//schem load {schem file}" and "//schem paste"
17 Jan 20
I'm working on to implement it.
using v1.2.0-beta2
22 Dec 19
Great Plugin, but how can I get the axe and the debug stick, wich is called in config.yml?
23 Dec 19
Axe using //wand and Stick using //bi (if it's enabled)
using v1.2.0-beta2
19 Oct 19
Everytime i try to paste a schematic from any website, I get this error... [buildertools] Invalid schematic format (Sponge) Isn't Supported can u help me? I dont use this much so if you CAN, can u contact me on discord? my tag is Kingofchaos0214#0001.
using v1.2.0-beta2
15 Oct 19
Awesome word edit plugin!
25 Oct 19
using v1.2.0-beta2
30 Sep 19
Great!!! Works well, just wish there was //replacenear and //walls command! pls add thx!
using v1.2.0-beta2
30 Sep 19
Amazing plugin, though im getting an Error 9 on my logs, dont know if its the plugin or the thing im using
using v1.2.0-beta2
24 Sep 19
Great plugin!, But can you add the command called //replacenear
using v1.2.0-beta2
08 Sep 19
Option to make schematics?
16 Sep 19
This feature is still under development
using v1.2.0-beta2
12 Aug 19
This Plugin is Good but plz add this function that i can copy Chest and pls do //walls and //expand vert
06 Sep 19
Of course
using v1.2.0-beta2
02 Aug 19
This plugin is unevitable if your managing a server
using v1.2.0-beta2
30 Jul 19
//walls ??
06 Sep 19
I'm planning add this to next release
using v1.2.0-beta2
29 Jul 19
Can you add //drain //walls //cut and more pls :D
10 Aug 19
Thx. I will try to implement as much new functions I can.
using v1.2.0-beta2
18 Jul 19
verry good!
20 Jul 19
using v1.2.0-beta2
18 Jul 19
Thanks for this plugin! it's been really useful!
20 Jul 19
Thx for review
using v1.2.0-beta2
16 Jul 19
Pls update this plugin is no longer work ._. there is no buildertools plugin when i paste on plugins folder
17 Jul 19
You must restart the server after you paste BuilderTools.phar to plugins folder
using v1.2.0-beta2
14 Jul 19
14 Jul 19
using v1.2.0-beta1
13 Jul 19
Great Plugin, I do recommend it, but we are having an issue. Whenever we use any builder tool command we get kicked from the game.
14 Jul 19
Check new version
using v1.2.0-beta1
13 Jul 19
1.12 please, there are so many bags!
14 Jul 19
check new version
using v1.2.0-beta1
13 Jul 19
im giving it a 1 star rn but its awesome so im giving 4. its 1 cause its not letting me paste stuff rn and its a great plugin and its worked until the update please fix
14 Jul 19
Check new version
using v1.2.0-beta1
04 Jun 19
Fix perms please, when I give someone the perms: bt.cmd. It still does not allow them to use it.
using v1.2.0-beta1
31 May 19
Amazing, not many issues at all. Only issue I've noticed frequently is certain grass areas becoming oddly colored after some world edit actions. Still a life saver of a plugin!
using v1.2.0-beta1
04 May 19
Awesome update! Love the schematics feature, I just wish more of them are supported because has mostly outdated schematics, which makes most blocks invisible and crashes. Planet-Minecraft schematics support would be awesome!
08 May 19
thx for review!
using v1.2.0-beta1
27 Apr 19
Great. Can you please support more types of schematic files?
28 Apr 19
Thx for review. Yes, I will add more types later.
using v1.2.0-beta1
18 Apr 19
How do I import schematics? Does it need to be .schematic? Does the schematic file need to be in "plugin_data"? Please answer me.
18 Apr 19
Upload file.schematic to /plugin_data/BuilderTools/schematics, then use //schem load file and //schem paste in game.
using v1.2.0-beta1
15 Apr 19
Nice Plugin but //naturalize is still throwing errors^^
16 Apr 19
Thx for review. For me //naturalize command works. Can you please submit issue to github with 'how to reproduce'?
using v1.2.0-beta1
14 Apr 19
Nice but can you make it so normal player with no op can’t see it because it’s annoying for them and I get that they can’t use it
16 Apr 19
Thx for review. This plugin usses pocketmine permissions api. So if you want to allow players use builder tools commands no-op players add them bt.cmd permission
using v1.1.0
27 Oct 20
it crash when you put //set
using v1.1.0
12 Apr 19
Hey! Please add a real wand and not the hand.. Is just poop thx
14 Apr 19
Wait for 1.2.0
using v1.1.0
23 Mar 19
I like this plugin but whenever I typed //wand it uses my hand as the Wand so I cant build when //wand IsI enable please fix it thank you!
18 Apr 19
Thx for review. Problem with wand axe is in 1.2.0 fixed
using v1.1.0
22 Feb 19
22 Feb 19
using v1.1.0
22 Feb 19
Great work. Would it be possible however to make a //wand have on 1 item only (wooden axe) as its very unefficient to always retype //wand to just place 2 blocks to later tap them to set positions. As a builder having 1 item set as wand is best.
22 Feb 19
try new dev builds (1.2.0+)
using v1.1.0
21 Jan 19
There is a problem with permissions. Everyone have access to see the commands, but no one can use them. I'm using PurePerms and all the commands are hidden expect this plugin commands
02 Feb 19
In new dev version is this error fixed.
using v1.1.0-beta2
08 Oct 20

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