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A customizable query plugin, where you can configure anything that relates to Querying your server.
version 1.0.2-ALPHA
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Plugin Description §

Custom Query, is one of the most customizable query plugins for MCPE that you'll ever find publicly and that is free for the MCPE Community. Custom Query aims for servers to make themselves more better, and allow people to recognize the customisable server. We at Custom Query, are a benefical to the MCPE Community, and dedicate our time to make this system work. Here with Custom Query, you can do the following: Fake player slots, set a list of plugins that can be displayable for your players, server name - Change your server name right from config! How great is that?, customize min-max fake player count/slots, infinity slots, enable/disable each option! Right from config.yml, so you can enable/disable the things you do or don't want.


  • [x] Infinity slots.
  • [x] Fake your player slots.
  • [x] Set which plugins other players can see.
  • [x] Enable/disable options to suit your needs.
  • [x] set min-max player slots (fake query system)
  • [x] Added color coding support for server names.
  • [x] Set variables for server names.
  • [x] Customizable server list MOTD (When posting your server) (Untested)
  • [x] Add a task file. (Untested)
  • [x] Add commands to edit the query settings.
  • [x] Add /customquery reload to reload the configurations without the need of a server restart.
  • [x] Add /customquery help for a list of main commands you can use.
  • [ ] Add config versioning.
  • [ ] Allow spaces for each messages. At the moment, you can use: "" for spaces in the message/value section after the name of the option. We'll see if we can add such support soon.
  • [ ] Make messages configurable.
  • [ ] Release out of the ALPHA stages.


This plugin is currently in the ALPHA stages, If you find any errors or issues, please open a new issue with the error log.


  1. Simply download this plugin either from this plugin release page (More stable.) or from one of the dev builds (Bleeding edge builds), which you can get from poggit.
  2. Once installed, drop the plugin into plugins folder.
  3. Start/restart your server from console or terminal.
  4. Done. If any errors display, please open a new issue containing the error log. If you want to know about how to setup the plugin (IN GAME), then please go to HOW TO SETUP section.


  1. If the plugin is successfully installed, and working on your server, then go to plugin_data.
  2. Then go to where it says CustomQuery folder, the config should be available to you.
  3. Go to the config.yml file.
  4. Now, here's where all of the config options should be available to you. Now, this tutorial is mainly discussing about setting up your settings in game.
  5. So once you're on your config.yml file, copy one of the options (that you would like to add / setup) to in game. We'll use fake-slots as an example.
  6. Then, use /customquery fake-slots true, which would set up the fake slots option to true. You can use the option as false as well if you prefer not to use such options.

Want to setup min-max player slots of your fake querying? Then great! Here's how:

  1. Go to the config.yml file (as instructed above from before.)
  2. Copy the option: min-slots and use /customquery min-slots 10, which will set up 10 as the minimum slots as lowest player slots you can go to.
  3. Then copy the option: max-slots and use /customquery max-slots 1000, which will set up 1,000 as the maximum slots as highest player slots you can go up to.

These are just examples of how to setup your config options. To know more about setting up as more examples, please head over to OPTIONS EXPLAINATION section.


The usages to the settings system, is: /customquery is the setting specified and provided to you from config.yml, and value is the value of the option. It could be: true or false if it's enabling a option or feature. If you're setting a message such as server list motd message, then that'd be a string, leading to a message for that option. If you're setting a numeric option such as: min-slots - 10 or max-slots 1000, then that'd be a int, which is a number-type option. If you're setting a array option (Arrays, meaning [] which you'd have to enter such as: set-plugins, then that'd be an array, which allows you to set multiple plugins as to what the server will display/show. boolean is true/false or a return type. So if you're setting a option that allows you to enable/disable a option / feature, which would either be: true, or false, then that's a boolean. If you're still having issues with setting up, then please open an issue regarding so. I'll make it easier soon by displaying all command usages (including settings which are validable from the /customquery help command.

What's new §
  • !== /customquery help, more todos !==
    • Added /customquery help - Shows the command usages. Not all of it is on there, but the main commands are there. Simply just copy the config file options / names into /customquery So for example, if I wanted fake-slots, simply copy and paste that option to /customquery fake-slots 10, and that'll add the minimum of fake slots. This will update almost instantly without the need of a config reload or server restart.
    • Oops, I didn't mean v1.0.3 ALPHA. This is v1.0.2 ALPHA - Why am I getting a-head of myself? ;P
    • Add more to-dos to README.MD
    • Add some to-dos to the main class file.
    • Finally added commands to CustomQuery!
    • Added /customquery.
    • Added /customquery reload - Reload your configurations file without the need of restarting the server!
    • Added /customquery
    • Added permission for /customquery.
    • Added /customquery list-plugins
    • Added /customquery infinity-slots
    • Added /customquery enable-serverlist-motd
    • Added /customquery fake-slots
    • Added /customquery default-server-name
    • Added /customquery set-plugins
    • Added /customquery motd-serverlist-message
    • Added /customquery new-player-motd
    • Added /customquery old-player-motd
    • Added /customquery min-slots
    • Added /customquery max-slots
    • Add some to-dos to README.MD
    • Bump plugin version to v1.0.3 (Not ready for release/PRE release yet.)
    • Have any issues? Please open a new issue on our github page, thanks!
  • Added tutorial / plugin documentation.
    • Obviously people will need this, so I've added this.
  • Fixed #1
    • This fixes plugin not loading correctly when generating config.yml and it’s datafolder generation.
  • Fixed a possible syntax error.
  • README: Fix typo.
  • README: Fixed another typo. oof.
  • Remove useless config file generation
    • Also renamed foreach from $this->list to $this->plugins.
    • Fix relations for #2.
  • !== NEW UPDATE AVAILABLE: v1.0.1-ALPHA !==
      • Added new option: enable-serverlist-motd
      • added new option: motd-serverlist-message
      • You can now customize your server list MOTD. (Untested)
      • Added new option: enable-player-motd.
      • Renamed Server-name to new-player-motd and old-player-motd.
    • It's explainable in the configurations file. We added a system, where it'll detect if the player is old or new. If the player's old (as in joined before), then it'll display a different MOTD compared to the new-player-motd (if user specifies). Old means the player's joined before, therefore, it'll show the joined before MOTD message, and new means the player's never joined before, which again, it'll show a different MOTD message compared to the old-player-motd message.
      • Added new task file for MOTD messages.
      • default-server-name may/may not work, so best to keep this option turned on for now. You may turn it off if you wish, but there may be bugs. Use it at your own risk!
      • Fixed some syntax errors during coding phrases.
      • Removed useless use import: pocketmine\Server; as it wasn't needed nor intented to be used due to being able to use $this->plugin (as in the main class) rather than Server::getInstance().
      • Checked some todos in the README.MD file.
      • Fixed some bugs and improvements.
    • !== KEEP IN MIND / WARNING !==
    • This version is currently untested, so expect things to be broken. As this is an ALPHA version.
    • If you have any issues to report, then please open a new issue.
    • Thank you!
  • Add poggit shields.
  • Fixed config problems.
    • It had to have a space between # and the description so it doesn't look like an option. :D
  • Fixed duplicate icons.
  • Fixed spelling mistake
  • WTF is that? - Fixed weird spelling issue.
  • remove a useless to-do
    • We don't plan on adding this due to Poggit's C2A.

using v1.0.2-ALPHA
05 May 19
I personally don't have a use for this plugin at the moment, but it's a great plugin in general <3
05 May 19
Thanks for the 5 star review!
using v1.0.1-ALPHA
01 May 19
Good and useful idea, but it doesn't work.
01 May 19
Try with the latest poggit build until a new plugin release for this plugin comes out. If the problem presits, please open a new issue on the github page containing the error.

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