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A simple PMMP plugin that allows you to view basic player information in the player's nametag.
version 4.0-STABLE
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Plugin Description §


A simple PocketMine-MP (4.0.0) plugin that allows you to view basic player information in the player's nametag, with PureChat & RankSystem integration (and factions support).

👀 First steps

You must first install the plugin ("plugins/" folder) and start the server, and then shut it down.

Inside the "plugin_data/InfoTag" folder a file called "format.yml" will be created, which you can modify.

How to modify the format?

You can modify the "format" key inside the file "format.yml".

The following options are available within the available format:

[] If PureChat or RankSystem (you can only use one!) are disabled or not installed, the player's nametag will be used instead.

  • {nametag} -> PureChat & RankSystem nametag format.
  • {health} -> Player's current health.
  • {maxhealth} -> Player's max health.
  • {food} -> Player's current food.
  • {maxfood} -> Player's max food.
  • {ping} -> Player's ping (ms).
  • {device} -> The device from which the player is playing.
  • {faction} -> Faction to which the player belongs

You can also use the unicode symbols of the game and add colors! (See the format.yml file for more information).

🎌 Factions

There is support for 4 factions plugins:

You can set which plugin you want to use in the format.yml file, in the "factions-plugin" key.

If the plugin of your choice does not exist or is deactivated, the "{faction}" key will simply be ignored and will be displayed without formatting.

[] Use plugins provided by Poggit (links above). If you use factions plugins that do not come from this source, an error may occur. Sometimes those who provide plugins from external sources (such as YouTube) modify them.

🔎 Example (Default formatted nametag)

What's new §
  • Update to API 4.0
    • DeviceOS identification moved to PlayerJoinEvent
  • Add RankSystem support
  • Added factions support (SimpleFaction, FactionMaster, PiggyFactions & FactionsPE).

using v4.0-STABLE
24 Jun 22
Add pureperm support!
using v4.0-STABLE
31 Mar 22
Add GroupsApi Support Pls

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Supported API versions
PureChat 1.4.11
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PiggyFactions 1.2.0
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FactionsPE 1.4.23
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SimpleFaction 1.6.5
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RankSystem 0.0.2
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FactionMaster 3.0.0-alpha1
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Producers §
  • Collaborators:
    • @AmmyR
License §
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