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King Of The Hill, Pocketmine-MP Plugin.
version 1.0.0-Beta2
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Plugin Description §

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King Of The Hill mini-game, Pocketmine-MP Plugin by Jackthehack21.


This plugin is in BETA (Pre-Release), so please dont spam out comments/issues with broken things or things that you expect there and are not.



  • Multiple Arena's
  • Custom spawn & hill points.
  • Supports Arena's in different worlds.
  • Custom player amount, and game time.
  • Block break/place disabled during in-game (todo config)
  • Changing gamemode during a game is cancelled (todo config)
  • Rewards given to king at end of game.
  • Leave a arena
  • 'King' is displayed above player name. (nametag)
  • Some values are in config.yml including a help file.
  • On death keep inventory. (todo config)


  • Messages to be in config.
  • Default arena values to be in config.
  • Override old values of arena positions.
  • Something extra for when winner is announced wink

About the game



King of the hill is a mini game most players will be familiar with, either through minecraft or by playing pretty much any other strategy game.

The aim of king of the hill is to conquer the castle, fort or anything else in the middle of the arena, the arena is usually a large map of some sort with surrounding walls. The top point usually on a hill with a height advantage is the throne, castle, fort whatever you call it.

players all spawn into the one map/arena, and then using the equipment/items on them they take on position of king. They remain king for as long as they stay in the specified area/fort/castle if they die, another player in the area takes place as king or next person who goes there.

The winner is announced at the end of the game (When a timer runs out), the king currently in power or the previous king will be winner.

At the end the winner is given rewards and a celebration occurs (shortly). (This is not yet implemented - as of beta1)

Joining a game

To join a game/arena the arena must meet some criteria,

  1. The arena cannot be full or not ready (you can check using /koth list)
  2. The arena world must exist, cannot be deleted or re-named (if so you will have to delete and re-create it)
  3. The arena must have spawn points.

If the arena meets all the above you can join using /koth join <arena name>

Starting a game

The game will start the pregame - counter when the minimum amount of players has joined.

(In future you can force start)

Leaving a game

As of Beta2 you can only leave by Leaving the server or using /koth leave

Winning a game

The game runs on a timer, during which anyone can move, attack and kill the king. However when the timer runs out the last standing king, or the previous king will be crowned. (And in future rewards and other things will be added)

(Notice, players are frozen during 'presentations of the king')

Setting up

Creating/Removing arena(s)

To create a new arena use the command /koth new <arena name> (No spaces are allowed in arena, for now) To remove a arena use the command /koth rem <arena name> (The arena cannot be in use when deleting)

To check arena status type /koth list or /koth info <arena name>

Setting positions/Values

  1. /koth setpos1 <arena name> (Make sure you are standing on one corner of the throne/hill.)
  2. /koth setpos2 <arena name> (Now stand on the opposite corner of the throne/hill.)
  3. /koth setspawn <arena name> (This command can be used as many times as you like, again be standing on the spawn location you want to set.)
  4. /koth addreward <arena name> <command> example: /koth addreward arena1 give {PLAYER} 20 1 <- this would give the winner 1 web. DO NOTE THAT THERE IS NO /

Editing Values

Currently (as of beta2) there is only one option:

  1. Go into plugin_data->KOTH->arenas.yml
  2. Find the arena you wish to edit (via name)
  3. Find the value you wish to edit then change it and save the file.
  4. Reload your server for it to take effect.

Config Options

plugin_enabled - Disable/enable the plugin.

debug - Show debug messages.

check_updates - Not yet used.

language - Choose one ["eng"] for the correct help file.

KingTextParticles - Displays KingText in middle of king area.

nametag_enabled - Enable/disable nametag feature.

nametag_format - NameTag format, you can use any colour code. see help file for more info.

start_countdown - How long until game starts when the minimum amount of players are in-game.

For more info see the help file in plugin_data/KOTH/help_eng.txt

Known Bugs:

  • Permissions default to everyone.

To report bugs please make a issue over on github and please follow the guidelines.


Developer: Jackthehack21 (aka JaxkDev)

Icon Creator: WowAssasin (WowAssasin#6608)

Idea generator: GOLDVAGE (GOLDVAGE#2712)


KOTH - King of the hill
Copyright (C) 2019 Jackthehack21 (Jack Honour/Jackthehaxk21/JaxkDev)

This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with this program.  If not, see <>.

Twitter :: @JaxkDev
Discord :: Jackthehaxk21#8860
Email   :: [email protected]
What's new §

Whats New ?

  • Arena rewards ! (much awaited)
  • NameTag (for king)
  • FloatingText to display king (in middle of kings area)
  • Config file (adds some configurable options in there.)
  • UpdateNotifier by JackMD ready (but not enabled)
  • Removed both forced min/max players. (still need min and max players though)
  • Added the following commands and their relevant permission nodes)
    • /koth addreward
    • /koth leave
    • /koth info

Breaking changes:

  • Arenas data version bumped, automatically updated.

Bugs fixed:

  • Bug with saving arena's (causing arena's to be lost on reboot.)
  • King is recognised in area no matter how you set it up now.
  • No more crashing when dying.
  • TP to the correct position after dying.
  • Hidden Bug. (if you don't know what it was, good)
  • Several bugs.

using v1.0.0-Beta3
21 Sep 19
Every Time I Restart My Server & Join, When I Try To Join The Match It Says “This Game Has Been Set Up In A World That No Longer Exists”. Please Fix This Bug Because The World Is Always There And There Is No Way To Edit The World In The Config. Thanks
05 Oct 19
Fixed in Beta4, i may release beta4 just as a hotfix soon.
using v1.0.0-Beta3
05 Sep 19
Best plugin ever. Its the only minigames plugin I've ever used that doesn't crash the server
07 Sep 19
Good to see, it is still in beta so there’s always things changing and being added ! (I try as hard as possible with all my plugins to make them as smooth as possible)
using v1.0.0-Beta3
21 Jul 19
Best plugin! A little idea can you have a time based KOTH? So only on a specific time players can join KOTH. Only a suggestion.
21 Jul 19
Hmm intresting, could you head to the github page and create a issue with as much detail as possible about the suggestion please 👌
using v1.0.0-Beta1
17 Apr 19
Very good idea this is the first koth plugin in poggit, i have some request, can u make it compatible with mystery crates so that we can give key rewards and also compatible with economy api so we can give money as well as reward
22 Apr 19
Both of those should be coming shortly within the next 2/3 beta's Thanks for the suggestions ! [UPDATE 22/04/19] : Added in Beta2 (now released on poggit)
using v1.0.0-Beta1
16 Apr 19
Great Idea but can you drop koth and make a outpost plugin with Factions support? Outpost is basicaly a forever going koth with rewards occasionaly like every 5 mins.
17 Apr 19
Interesting you mention this, a member also suggested this. However im unsure right now if its going to be implemented into this plugin or something completely separate. (or even a addon) Hopefully it will come (if you want to talk more about this or more questions/features be sure to join our Discord)
using v1.0.0-Beta1
16 Apr 19
Good idea. Will be happy to test this Plugin, thanks!
16 Apr 19
Thanks ! Need all the feedback i can get this will be a big/main project of mine now.

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