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Implement Animals and Monsters Into Your Worlds
version 0.7.0
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Plugin Description §


Make your PocketMine-MP server come ALIVE with moving mobs! This plugin adds animals and monsters to your world with movement and behavior similar to normal Minecraft! Tame wolves, breed cows, make purple sheep and lots more!

What's New

  • Various bug fixes
  • internal code cleanup

Known Issues

  • Many config options are not working.
  • Flying Entities Need Movement Updates
  • Blaze and Ghast Fireballs do not work as expected.
  • Bosses Are Not Implemented (Elder Guardian, Ender Dragon, Wither)
  • Many Mobs Need Updates for Specific AI
  • All mobs from after the Aquatic update have not been implemented.


If you have questions, you can check the contact page in our Wiki or join the chat on and Discord! Chat


This plugin was originally Authored by milk0417. There have been significant changes and updates since it was abandoned and very little (if any) of the original code is left but we still want to pay homage to him/her/them for kickstarting such a very significant plugin. Thank your for your contributions.

PureEntitiesX is still undergoing development and will be experiencing many more updates and changes in the near future. As such, it is important to note that RevivalPMMP will not attempt to keep this plugin up to date with bleeding edge development. When seeking support, if you are using a version of PocketMine-MP that is newer than the declared compatible versions, it could cause significant delays in getting assistance.

What's new §
  • Cleanup Code Style
  • Cleanup Imports.
  • Code cleanup
  • EventListener: Clean up method for spawning snow and iron golems.
  • EventListener: update interaction handling. Fixes #417
  • Fix copy pasta
  • Fix for PMMP 3.19.0
  • Fix formatting
  • Fix trData check
  • Go back to using ItemIds instead of Item
  • IdlingComponent: update methods to avoid mobs staring at the sky.
  • IntCanBreed: Update typehint for getBreedingComponent()
  • Merge pull request #1 from TheNewHEROBRINEX/patch-1
    • Comply with requested changes
  • Merge pull request #424 from Wertzui123/patch-1
    • Update item in hand on feed
  • Merge pull request #426 from Wertzui123/patch-2
    • Use booleans instead of binary for creepers
  • Merge pull request #449 from supercrafter333/stable
    • Code Updates for PMMP 3.19.0, fix for #448
  • MonsterSpawnerPEX: add missing parent call in onBreak();
  • Oops
  • PureEntities: Remove CommandExecutor Declaration
  • PureEntities: Remove CommandExecutor import.
  • Remove dev marker for release
  • Remove useless comment
  • Spawn chickens when a thrown egg is broken.
  • Tameable: Change method for setting property value of OwnerEID
  • Tameable: Properly call static method PureEntities::getSuitableHeightPosition().
  • Tameable: Updates for strict types.
  • Update information for users and developers.
  • Update item in hand on feed
    • Feeding an entity will now remove your food
  • Use booleans instead of binary
  • entityRuntimeId is private
  • BaseEntity: Fix incorrect return type for getMaxJumpHeight()
  • Color: Update Dye colors. Fixes #400
  • Finish removing PEXCustomLogger related settings.
  • Fireball: Remove excessive spawnTo() function in favor of the parent function. Fixes #404
  • Fix #394 By checking for Player presence before allowing a call to Player::getDirectionVector()
  • Fix command registration incorrectly nested in logging check statement.
  • Fix crashes when trying to tick entities in unloaded worlds. Fixes #405
  • FlyingAnimal: Fix proper test for presence of baby data flag.
  • Let's be a little less noisy :D
  • Next is 0.6.7
  • No need to declare debug log flag. It is the default.
  • PluginConfiguration: Fix incorrect type info.
  • PureEntities:: Update PHP Doc Block for getSuitableHeightPosition()
  • Remove excessive enable and disable messages.
  • Remove logging configuration options.
  • Remove unreachable statements in PureEntities::scheduleCreatureSpawn()
  • SummonCommand: Properly respond to calls with no arguments.
  • SwimmingAnimal: Fix proper test for presence of baby data flag.
  • Update commands to be separate and implement ability to summon to specific coordinates. Fixes #401
  • Update formatting and clean up imports.
  • WalkingAnimal: Don't use weak comparison.
  • WalkingAnimal: Remove unnecessary type checking in getBlocksFlatAround().
  • WalkingAnimal: Remove use of interface ItemIds
  • WalkingAnimal: Update PHP Doc Block to identify argument type.
  • WalkingEntity: fix incorrect php doc block for findTargetFloor()
  • WalkingMonster: Validate that owner is actually an object instead of null before trying to get its name. Fixes #396
  • plugin.yml: Update API requirements. Fixes #395
  • 0.6.4 is next.
  • Add missing ProjectileHelper class. Fixes #390
  • Add very simple support for fish and dolphin entities (#342)
  • Data: add height and width data for Salmon Fixes #389
  • Don't attack entities that are closed. (Hacky solution Fixes #379 Fixes #376 Fixes #368 Fixes #321)
  • Fix crash when Spider would attack player (#365)
  • Jump logic fixing / Skeleton OnFire fixing (#387)
  • MobSpawner (Tile): Check for null value when trying to spawn mobs. Fixes #377
  • Next is 0.6.6
  • README: Update compatibility information and remove Gitter Link
  • Rename PufferFish.php to Pufferfish.php (#363)
  • ShopMobEquipmentTask: Ensure player and level are available before sending mob equipment update. Fixes #356
  • Simplify EPF calculation conditions (#357)
  • Skeleton: Fix arrows not facing the correct direction when launched.
  • SnowGolem: Store NBT value for "pumpkin" with a correct tag type. Fixes #359
  • Update entityBaseTick methods to respect change made by parent calls. Fixes #355
  • Update version number to reflect updates.
  • Additional updates for compatibility with PocketMine-MP 3.9.0 and newer versions. Fixes #353
  • Blaze: Simplify motion vector.
  • FireBall: Replace use of age with ticksLived
  • FireBall: Replace use of depreciated event call method.
  • FireBall: Use late static binding to get NETWORK_ID
  • FireBall: Use strict comparison.
  • Fireballs: Re-order call to parent constructors so that necessary data is available.
  • Ghast: Add constructor with Height and Width data
  • Ghast: Avoid complications with creating projectiles.
  • Ghast: Replace depreciated event call usage.
  • Ghast: Simplify vector math for getting motion.
  • Skeleton: Update Arrow creation and event calls.
  • Update for compatibility with PocketMine-MP 3.9.0 and newer versions.
  • Remove AutoSpawnTask Debug Message for skipped worlds.
  • Update MobEquipment to use new MobArmorEquipmentPacket properties in PocketMine-MP 3.8.4
  • Remove PEXCustomLogger
  • ZombiePigman: Add missing "angry" features.
  • Various internal-only updates.
  • Another version number update for testing.
  • AutoSpawnTask: Change spawn cycle to use type limits instead of world limits.
  • AutoSpawnTask: Make sure biome id is in array before trying to access it. Closes #318 and closes #320
  • AutoSpawnTask: Remove excessive code.
  • BaseEntity: Call parent::knockcback instead of stopping the chain. This will need adjustment later.
  • BaseEntity: Change dependency of Entity::$age to Entity::$ticksLived for compatibility with changes in 3.2.3
  • BaseEntity: Cleanup imports and extinguish entities that are in water.
  • BaseEntity: Don't target players that are not in Adventure or Survival
  • BaseEntity: Fix Incorrect parent call of entityBaseTick
  • BaseEntity: Fix incorrect conditional check. Fixes #306
  • BaseEntity: Implement check to keep targets from being set as a player in Spectator mode.
  • BaseEntity: Remove code duplicated from Parent Classes.
  • BaseEntity: Remove spawnTo method as it is a duplicate of Entity::spawnTo
  • BaseEntity: Remove unused test properties and methods.
  • BreedingComponent: Remove extra space.
  • Cubes: Fix Slimes and Magma cubes not spawning with correct sizes.
  • Data: Fix Sheep Sizes
  • EntityConfig and Helpers: MobEquipment should always be able to load defaults, even if there is a config error or missing config options.
  • Fix Hit Boxes: Move height and width to be set in the constructor instead of during initEntity. Closes #287
  • Fix Monster Spawners (#319)
      • Spawner: Update setSpawnEntityType to use better methods for updating NBT items and pushing changes to users.
      • Spawner: Update spawnCount NBT items and create class property to track spawn counts.
      • Spawner: Ensure $maxDelay doesn't get set to 0 as this can cause a client crash.
      • Spawner: Update writeSaveData and addAdditionalSpawnData to reduce code duplication and ensure correct NBT information is sent to players.
      • Spawner: Update readSaveData to include Delay.
      • Spawner: Temporarily avoid using SpawnData for until matching functionality is added.
      • Spawner: Update Imports
      • ReFactor Spawner to MobSpawner. This fixes a problem where Spawners do not properly show up on server restarts.
      • Add MonsterSpawnerPEX block for additional functionality via onActivate() and various other block methods.
      • EventListener: Remove PlayerInteractionEvent() as it was only being used for Spawner interaction and this functionality has been replaced with the addition of the MonsterSpawnerPEX block.
      • MonsterSpawnerPEX: Added some DocBlocks and comments.
  • Husk: Code Reduction. This is a variant of zombies spawned in certain biomes.
  • MobEquipment: Fix PhpDoc and return type for getMainHand.
  • MobEquipmentConfigHolder: Update PhpDoc block.
  • MobSpawner: Fix incorrect method for getting Tier information from tools.
  • Monster can't attack creative(spectator) player (#303)
      • Monster can't attack creative(spectator) player
      • Update JumpingMonster.php
      • Update FlyingMonster.php
      • Update SwimmingMonster.php
  • Mooshroom: Code reduction. Extend from cows.
  • PureEntities: Remove excessive logging of entity names during peremove command.
  • Reformat Code for consistency
  • Remove checks from mob classes for players in survival as this doesn't always check that the entity is a player and doesn't properly account for players in adventure mode.
  • Send mob equipment with spawn packet in skeleton and zombie pigman
    • Other item-holding mobs mobs will need this also but these are examples
  • Sheep: Fix random color assignment when on new creatures.
  • Sheep: Update drops to include mutton. Closes #310
  • Skeleton: Add check for water during light level tests.
  • Skeleton: Update to use MobEquipment. Start process of fixing Bow in Hand.
  • Stray: Code reduction. This is essentially a skeleton variant spawned in different biomes.
  • Update API to 3.0.X and some cleanup. (#315)
      • Scheduler Nuke update. This should bring PureEntitiesX into compliance with this update in PocketMine-MP:
    • pmmp/PocketMine-MP#2213
      • Remove Unused Test Class: This removes a class that was created for testing the Jumping Animal class.
      • Update Biome usage.
      • Refactor initEntity to include return type declaration.
      • Refactor saveNBT to include void return type.
      • Refactor spawnTo to include void return type.
      • Refactor attack to include void return type.
      • Refactor getSaveId to include string return type.
      • Refactor knockBack to include void return type.
      • Update methods for motion.
      • PureEntities: Fix usage of ItemEntity in peremove command.
      • Update API version number.
      • FlyingEntity: Fix missed conversion of individual motion coordinates to Vector3
      • Blaze: Remove unused import.
      • Vex: Remove unused imports.
      • Husk: Refactor setHealth to include void return type.
      • Vindicator: Refactor setHealth to include void return type.
      • Witch: Refactor setHealth to include void return type.
      • WitherSkeleton: Refactor setHealth to include void return type.
      • Zombie: Refactor getSaveId to include void return type.
      • ZombiePigman: Refactor setHealth to include void return type.
      • Update bounding box mmethods.
      • Sheep: Update ByteTag creation.
      • Wolf: Update Bounding Box methods.
      • InteractionHelper: Update Bounding Box methods.
      • Update usage of isInsideOfWater to isUnderwater.
      • MobEquipment: Update Bounding Box methods uses.
      • WalkingAnimal: Remove unused import.
      • Evoker: Remove Unused imports.
      • FireBall: Refactor spawnTo to include void return type.
      • WalkingEntity: Fix updateMove to use ItemEntity instead of Item
      • EventListener: Update Scheduler Methods.
      • WalkingEntity: Cleanup unnecessary import from Scheduler update.
      • Spawner: Update NBT Methods to utilize new API standards for Tiles.
      • Update version number to reflect changes.
      • BiomeInfo: Remove extra space.
  • Update Mobs to not drop Experience unless damaged by a player.
  • Update Version to reflect changes.
  • Update target PocketMine version.
  • Update version number for testing purposes.
  • Update version number to reflect compatibility changes.
  • Use Late Static Binding to reduce code duplication.
  • WalkingEntity: Better Random Location selection. Changed to have closer targets and smaller move times to mimic vanilla behavior.
  • Wither Skeleton: Code Reduction. Wither Skeletons are a variant of Skeletons with modified behaviour. They should be considered an instance of Skeleton during checks.
  • WitherSkeleton: Add equipDefaultMainHand to replace bow with stone sword.
  • Be Happy Poggit. Seriously - Removed usage of non-white color in onEnable message.
  • Creeper: Fix creepers don't die when they explode.
  • Overhaul AutoSpawnTask (#290)
      • Modified Version of NewAutoSpawnTask with updates for proper Biome Response.
      • BaseEntity: Fix setting custom tag without checking for spawn.
      • Remove obsolete files.
  • Update to 3.0.0-Alpha12 (#300)
      • PureEntities: Update NBT Access methods.
      • PEXCustomLogger: Remove TextFormat::toANSI per API change.
      • AutoSpawnTask: Muliple Updates -
    • Update Hard Limit for Mob Caps for performance.
    • Modify valid dry spawn conditions to avoid spawining in side of blocks.
      • CreatureSpawnEvent: Add debug message.
      • NBTConst: Added additional keys from MobEquipment and IdlingComponents
      • BaseEntity: Remove use of Timings (temporarily) and change updateMovement to comply with new API.
      • WalkingMonster: Remove use of Timings (temporarily)
      • SwimmingMonster: Remove use of Timings (temporarily)
      • JumpingMonster: Remove use of Timings (temporarily)
      • FlyingMonster: Remove use of Timings (temporarily)
      • ZombieVillager: Remove use of Timings (temporarily)
      • ZombiePigman: Remove use of Timings (temporarily)
      • Zombie: Remove use of Timings (temporarily)
      • Witch: Remove use of Timings (temporarily)
      • Vindicator: Remove use of Timings (temporarily)
      • Stray: Remove use of Timings (temporarily)
      • Skeleton: Remove use of Timings (temporarily)
      • Evoker: Remove use of Timings (temporarily)
      • WalkingAnimal: Remove use of Timings (temporarily)
      • SwimmingAnimal: Remove use of Timings (temporarily)
      • FlyingAnimal: Remove use of Timings (temporarily)
      • MobEquipment: Multiple changes -
    • Update Item Types
    • Move Internal Keys to NBTConst
    • Change NBT Access methods to comply with new API
      • IdlingComponent: Updated NBT Access methods to comply with new API and moved internal constants to NBTConst.
      • Sheared: Remove unnecessary variable declaration.
      • Tamable: Fix misspelling.
      • EventListener: Updated NBT Access methods for compatibility. Updated NBT Keys to use constants. Added some debug messgaes.
      • Spawner: Multiple Changes
    • Updated NBT access methods to comply with new API
    • Added Debug Messages
    • Converted NBT Keys to constants for uniformity
    • Changed Methods for storing default values.
    • Moved NBT Retrieval from __construct to loadNBT
    • Added (currently unused) missing NBT keys
      • NBTConst: Added Spawner Keys
      • plugin.yml: Update to 3.0.0-ALPHA12 and update version number to reflect changes.
      • README: Update target version number to reflect current 3.0.0-ALPHA12 release.
      • MobEquipment: Add Missing NBT Settings Check
      • MobEquipment: Update Entity Item type to work with newer API
      • Tameable: Update NBT Methods to force tag types when saving and handle incorrect types when retrieving.
      • BreedingComponent: Update NBT Methods to force tag types when saving and handle incorrect types when retrieving.
      • Parrot: Update NBT Methods to force tag types when saving and handle incorrect types when retrieving.
      • MooShroom: Update NBT Methods to force tag types when saving and handle incorrect types when retrieving.
      • Mooshroom: Fix Formatting
      • Ocelot: Update NBT Methods to force tag types when saving and handle incorrect types when retrieving.
      • Sheep: Update NBT Methods to force tag types when saving and handle incorrect types when retrieving.
      • Sheep: Fix Formatting
      • MagmaCube: Update NBT Methods to force tag types when saving and handle incorrect types when retrieving.
      • Slime: Update NBT Methods to force tag types when saving and handle incorrect types when retrieving.
      • CaveSpider: Fix Poison effect.
      • Creeper: Update NBT Methods to force tag types when saving and handle incorrect types when retrieving.
      • Husk: Fix Hunger Effect
      • Wolf: Update NBT Methods to force tag types when saving and handle incorrect types when retrieving.
      • BaseEntity: Update NBT Methods to force tag types when saving and handle incorrect types when retrieving.
  • Updated supported version of PocketMine-MP
  • Add Compatibility Info
    • Make it more obvious that updates are target to specific releases of PocketMine-MP.
  • BaseEntity: Api compatibility update for dataProperties change.
  • Fix Projectiles
  • Fix XPOrb DataProperties method.
  • Fix formatting.
  • Fix import of VoxelRayTrace
    • Forgot to change this on the last commit.
  • Fixing #271 (#272)
  • It's 2018. Should have done this a month ago.
  • Modify compatible APIs to reflect changes from 1-26-2018.
  • Move Logs to SubFolder
    • Moved Custom Logs to logs subfolder and updated gitignore to keep logs out of commits.
  • One more performance update.
  • Reduce function calls to increase performance.
  • Replace BlockIterator with VoxelRayTrace
  • Sheep: API compatibility update for NBT methods.
  • Update DataProperty Methods to use new API.
  • Update MobDamageCalculator to work with altered API Methods.
  • Update peremove description in plugin.yml
  • Update to 3.0.0-ALPHA11 (#278)
      • Split Fireball into Large and Small for Ghasts and Blazes - Begin changes for 3.0.0-ALPHA11
      • Data: add Large and Small Fireball info and remove outdated data.
      • NBTConst: Add new Constants as keys for use with NBT methods update.
      • BaseEntity: NBT and DataFlag updates.
      • Tameable: Update NBT and dataProperties methods. Merge all common items from tameable mobs. Update PHPDoc Blocks, Modify onTameSuccess and onTameFail to allow Player to be passed.
      • Breedable: Update return type hints.
      • Fix problem where AutoSpawning on maps like SkyBlock style or SkyWars, would cause the server to hang while searching for a valid location.
      • BreedingComponent: Update NBT methods.
      • Parrot: Update NBT methods.
      • Chicken: Update saveNBT() to use configuration settings
      • Cow: Remove getNetworkID() and update saveNBT() to use configuration settings.
      • MooShroom: Refactor loadFromNBT to be the same as parent class. Remove unnecessary redundancy. Update NBT Methods.
      • Cow: Remove unused import.
      • Ocelot: Refactory NBT functions to match parent classes (saveNBT() and loadNBT()). Remove duplicate Tameable trait items. Update NBT methods. Update onTameSuccess and onTameFail to be compatible with Tameable udpate. Ocelots now be in love when tame attempts fail.
      • Pig: Remove unused getNetworkID() function, update saveNBT() to use configuration settings.
      • Rabbit: Update saveNBT() to use configuration settings.
      • Sheep: Refactor NBT functions to match parent classes (saveNBT() and loadNBT()). Update NBT Methods.
      • Blaze: Update to use new SmallFireball. Fix problem where fireballs would spawn at wrong locations.
      • Blaze: Update to use new SmallFireball. Fix problem where fireballs would spawn at wrong locations.
      • Ghast: Update to use new LargeFireball. Fix problem where fireballs would spawn at wrong locations.
      • MagmaCube: Refactor loadFromNBT and update NBT methods.
      • Slime: Refactor loadFromNBT. Update NBT Methods. Use Plugin Configuration for NBT.
      • ElderGuardian: Update TODO to keep from being misleading.
      • Guardian: Update TODO to keep from being misleading.
      • Creeper: Bring bugfix from Legacy-3.0.0-ALPHA10. Update NBT methods, Refactor loadFromNBT.
      • Enderman: Add TODO. Update Drops. Update Armor methods.
      • Enderman: Fix Import.
      • PigZombie: Git rid of a bunch of unnecessary, duplicate code.
      • PolarBear: Code cleanup.
      • PolarBear: Typo.
      • Shulker: Code cleanup.
      • SnowGolem: Refactor loadFromNBT. Update NBT Methods.
      • Spider: Code Cleanup.
      • Wolves: FIX COLLAR COLOR PERSISTANCE!!!!! FINALLY!!!! Refactor loadFromNBT. Update NBT Methods. Remove Tamable items to be compatible with Tameable update.
      • ZombiePigman: Remove unused getNetworkId() method. Clean up imports.
      • Main: Update NBT method to use new createBaseNBT() method. Clean up imports.
      • Update api version number to reflect breaking changes with ArmorInventory and dataProperties. Version bump to reflect significant number of changes in code.
      • Update Target PocketMine-MP version
  • Update version number to reflect changes changes from 1-26-2018.
  • XP Overhaul (#275)
      • XP Overhaul removes all PureEntities Internal XP methods and updates entities to use getXpDropAmount(). As xp is now provided by the core, it is currently not able to be turned off.
      • Missed these in the last commit for XP Overhaul
  • Modified Necessary Weapons to be Compatible with the Tool Refactor
  • Modified Slime Class to Silence Errors
  • Updated to 3.0.0-ALPHA10 API
  • Implemented All Missing Mobs Except Bosses

What's New

  • Integrated Custom Logger
  • Updates to Movement Methods
  • Changed interactions with Tameable Mobs
  • Made Ocelots Tameable
  • Added Parrots
  • Implemented Traits for Code Simplification
  • Modified Natural Spawn Colors of Sheep
  • Modified peremove Command to be Friendly with Other Plugins
  • Updated XP Handling
  • Other Internal Code Cleanup and Foundation Work

using v0.7.0
18 Jan 23
Not updated. I founded an updated version:
using v0.7.0
22 Jul 22
Please update this plugin to api 4 I am big fan of this plugin
using v0.7.0
16 May 22
Update to 4 API pls
using v0.7.0
26 Apr 22
Please Update To API4
using v0.7.0
06 Apr 22
need for pm4
using v0.7.0
22 Nov 21
does it add ocean life?
using v0.7.0
16 Jun 21
Hi, can you add the function blacklistworlds instead of enabledworlds? It will very simple if you can do this.
using v0.7.0
02 May 21
is plugin no crash
using v0.7.0
01 May 21
Finally animals on the server again, but when I feed the wolf with bones, the server crashes
using v0.7.0
28 Apr 21
using v0.7.0
28 Apr 21
pretty cool :D
using v0.6.7
13 Apr 21
It worked great, but with the update the server crashed
using v0.6.7
07 Apr 21
hey, if you could update this to the new protocol that would be awesome
using v0.6.7
02 Mar 21
using v0.6.7
24 Jan 21
Wth Altay itself has mob AI feature
using v0.6.7
24 Jan 21
Fix For Altay Please
using v0.6.7
13 Dec 20
using v0.6.7
18 Sep 20
How to make the Burger Spawner Mob attack?
using v0.6.7
04 Aug 20
using v0.6.7
26 Jul 20
using v0.6.7
24 Jul 20
using v0.6.7
13 Jul 20
Crashes a lot if u have world gaurd
using v0.6.7
09 Jul 20
if I type /plot "plugin disable" please fix it
using v0.6.7
08 Jul 20
Good Plugin, but Mobs spawns not! I have der a Custom MultiWorld world Name in the Config, gut the Mobs doesn't Spawn! Pls fix!
using v0.6.7
06 Jul 20
I love it but plz add nether update mobs
using v0.6.7
04 Jul 20
Please fix that animals spawn somewhere in a spawner and not within a small radius around the spawner. It is best to make the radius adjustable in the config.In addition, animals that spawn in the wall and in blocks also spawn.
using v0.6.6
27 Jun 20
The number #1 must have plugin for any server. Great job.
using v0.6.6
03 Jun 20
Very good entity AI
using v0.6.6
02 Jun 20
using v0.6.3
03 May 20
Call to a member function dropExperience() on null
30 May 20
Please open an issue on so we can get this fixed
using v0.6.3
04 Jan 20
for me,there is no crashes except would be nice that it could be set to one world only. not for all. Like I have lobby and survival factions. but ai spawns in every world. even my mini game bedwars shop(viliger) runs away fall down and die. no fun there.:D
using v0.6.3
26 Oct 19
true. sometimes works good but not for long eventually it crashes server
using v0.6.3
20 Oct 19
Crashing server..
using v0.6.3
11 Aug 19
such a great plugin its helped my server lot but its need fix mobs are looking up or down
using v0.6.3
31 Jul 19
One problem it’s too good
using v0.6.0
06 Jan 20
MultWorld Support, pleace!
using v0.6.0
01 Aug 19
Not even a single mob knows how to jump. Also some mobs spwan in the middle of the air and then just die. there is also an issue with chickens swinging his wings even when on ground. still have great expectations
using v0.6.0
22 May 19
Good plugins but they need update he have a bug whit the chance spawn mob
using v0.6.0
15 Jan 19
This weird looking needs to stop .
using v0.6.0
28 Dec 18
Just to make a update, skeletons won’t shoot you but only shoots when right in front of you (No range)
using v0.6.0
27 Dec 18
Good, bu twhy do the mobs spawn in every world, even if I write only 1 world in the config?
using v0.6.0
22 Dec 18
I absolutely love everyone who is making this plugin happen, thank you so much <3
using v0.6.0
22 Nov 18
My server crash with this plugin and it lags so much u muss have a loot of ram
using v0.4.1
25 Jun 18
This seems like an awesome plugin! There is one problem. :( I crashes my server. Pls fix.
using v0.4.1
12 Jun 18
This seems like an awesome plugin! There is one problem. :( I crashes my server. Pls fix.
using v0.4.1
15 May 18
works great but my mobs seem to be jumping high and they all can swim?
using v0.4.0
12 Apr 18
Rating 3 cuz theres no update for the latest version of pocketmine but appear to be really useful.. i want to use indeed but my host is using the newest pm.. will rate 5 when released the newest version.
19 Apr 18
Thanks for the review DeCarvalho83. As of 4/19/2018, an updated version of the plugin was released that's compatible with 3.0.0-ALPHA12. It will need to be voted on before it makes it to the release page. Please look for it in the reviews section.
using v0.4.0
05 Mar 18
Have not tested this fully, but it does spawn mobs which is awesome. Small issue with Creepers and Zombies though. Creepers do not always die when attacked while constantly exploding on each attack and zombies are on fire during the evening.
19 Apr 18
Thanks for the feedback! Those issues are reported and will be fixed in future updates.
using v0.4.0
20 Feb 18
Hey! What about this plugin???
using v0.4.0
16 Feb 18
A must have for Pocketmine!

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Admin Tools
World Editing and Management
Manage entities
Manage blocks/items
Manage tiles
Asynchronous tasks
Custom threading

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