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Red's (amazing) SkyBlock plugin :) Seriously, it's awesome and easy to use!
version 2.0.0-ALPHA
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Plugin Description §


RedSkyBlock aims to be a feature rich, user-friendly SkyBlock plugin. RedSkyBlock includes many useful, built-in features that can be edited in the config.yml and with the use of some commands in-game.

How to use

Use this simple guide to get RedSkyBlock up and running on your server:

  1. Drop the RedSkyBlock.phar file into your server's plugins folder. Restart your server.
  2. Log into your server and set a SkyBlock world using either /is setworld (Not recommended) or /is createworld (recommended). Restart your server.
  3. Go to the plugins config.yml. Look at all of the options and change them to your desired values. For examples and descriptions for all options please visit this link:
  4. Using a permission editing plugin, add the desired permissions to your server's players. Do not add permissions meant for operators to regular players. For a description of each permission please visit this link:
  5. Log into your server and type /is help into chat. Look through the commands and see what you can do.
  6. You're all set! Have fun!


If you wish to request features, or notify me about an issue, please, make an issue. I will be sure to read it and reply quickly and appropriately. If you are reporting an issue with the plugin, be sure to include as many details as possible and steps to reproduce the issue. If you wish to suggest something for the plugin PLEASE be sure to include "suggestions" or "requests" in the title of the issue; make sure to be descriptive when asking for a feature, so I can be sure to know how to implement it, if I choose to do so.

Features (completed and coming soon)

  • Main Features
    • [x] SkyBlock infinite island generation
    • [x] Magic SkyBlock cobblestone generator (Spawn rates of ores, and what ores spawn will soon be customizable).
    • [x] Island teleportation
    • [x] Island locking/unlocking
    • [x] Island Area Protection (What is protected on Player's islands will be configurable).
    • [x] Not finished, more customization is yet to be added.
    • [x] Island Members.
    • [x] Island Kick/Ban (Ban is in the next update).
    • [ ] Island Top (In the next update).
    • [x] Island Limits (This will be customizable in the future, when first implemented, all islands will have a 100x100 area).
  • Mechanics
    • [x] Island generation intervals (customizable in config.yml)
    • [x] Starting SkyBlock items (Will be customizable later)
    • [ ] More coming soon...
  • Additional Features
    • [ ] Nether islands (Will be optional in config.yml)
    • [ ] Lag fighter (How much lag is fought against will be customizable)
    • [ ] Combat Logger (will be able to be turned on/off in config.yml)
    • [ ] Better TP commands (Will be optional in config.yml)
    • [x] Safe Void in SkyBlock world (optional).
    • [x] No hunger in the SkyBlock world (optional).
    • [ ] SkyBlock Economy--Economy dedicated to SkyBlock (Will be optional, any economy plugins will be able to be used as alternatives)
    • [ ] A shop GUI (Will be optional, any shop plugins will be able to be used as alternatives instead of using the built-in shop)
    • [ ] An auction house (Will be optional, any auction house alternatives will be able to be used instead of the built-in one)
    • [ ] More coming soon...

Why Use RedSkyBlock?

  • RedSkyBlock is actively developed on and is constantly implementing new and useful features.
  • RedSkyBlock works with the most recent version of Pocketmine.
  • RedSkyBlock is fully functional and easy to use on any server.
  • RedSkyBlock is designed to be attractive and configurable for any SkyBlock server.
  • RedSkyBlock aims to be user friendly and feature rich. Suggestions are always welcome.
What's new §
  • Complete Recode

    • I have completely recoded and restructured RedSkyBlock.
    • It is faster, stronger, and more powerful.
    • New commands and features have been added and all previous bugs have been fixed.
  • A bug where a player would not be teleported to an unloaded SkyBlock world has been fixed.

  • Many other minor bugs have been fixed.

  • New commands:

    • /is createworld : This command allows the user to create and set a SkyBlock world for the server.
    • /is hunger <on/off>: This command allows the user to enable/disable hunger in the SkyBlock world.
    • /is info : This command allows the user to see info for another player's SkyBlock.
    • /is kick : This command allows the user to kick other player's from their island.
    • /is members: This command allows the user to see all of the members of their island.
    • /is name : This command allows the user to change the name of their island.
    • /is reload: This command allows the user to reload all of the existing SkyBlock data.
    • /is reset: This command allows the user to completely reset their SkyBlock island and all of their data.
    • /is void: This command allows the user to disable/enable the void in the SkyBlock world.
  • After using the /is setworld or /is createworld command the server must be either reloaded with /reload or restarted for the world to be fully implemented into the SkyBlock plugin.

  • Many more permissions have been added. All permissions meant for regular players have no default. This is so any server can easily configure what features of the plugin they wish for their users to have/use.

  • Users can now change what items they wish for their players to start with upon creating an island in the config.yml.

  • Users can now change what blocks will spawn in the magic cobblestone generator and the rate that each block will spawn in the config.yml.

  • Users can now change the amount of members a player is allowed to have on their skyblock in the config.yml. Default is 3.

  • Users can now enable/disable Keep Inventory in the config.yml.

using v3.1.1
16 Jun 19
I meant people kept dying and wont get tp back to their island and i dont know how to fix it also everytime they do /is create the island kept spawning in a same World and location its make me confused 1001% pls help me port:25793 :(
using v3.1.1
06 Jun 19
Its the best SkyBlock plugin in MCPE, the only thing missing is island names like /is create (island name) and have it show beside your gamertag, it would be AWESOME for it to be implemented! 😀😀😀
using v3.1.1
25 May 19
Plugin is ok bot i will Like it more If plugin will make auto a emplty world for islands
20 Jul 19
It does make an empty world for islands. Run the command /is createworld <worldname>
using v3.1.1
29 Apr 19
Great Plugin
using v3.0.3
20 Apr 19
This plugin is constantly updated by the developer. This plugin has amazing features that are easy to use and is the best plugin I have used!
using v2.0.3-ALPHA
14 Apr 19
Amazing Plugin, easy to install, everything explained well and is one the the most feature rich plugins on mcpe
using v2.0.0-ALPHA
03 Jan 19
Perfect! ^^
using v2.0.0-ALPHA
02 Dec 18
It's not working for me, gives me crashes in the console
18 Dec 18
Are you using the latest version of PocketMine? What is the error? I cannot seem to reproduce it.
using v1.0.0-ALPHA.1
22 Nov 18
It doesn't work sry but i cant see the plugin ingame
18 Dec 18
Make sure you are using the latest version of the plugin! :)

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