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A terrible PocketMine-MP plugin manager
version 5.1.0
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Plugin Description §


A plugin manager for PocketMine-MP. It installs and uninstalls plugins, among other things.


Command Description
install <plugin> [version] Installs a plugin
uninstall <plugin> Uninstalls a plugin
update <plugin> Updates a plugin.
info <plugin> Fetches info about a plugin from Poggit


Sheep provides a flexible API to plugins wishing to add or interface with defined Sources (default: Poggit.) It employs a modern Promise-based framework for asynchronous operation. Further information may be found in the Sheep API class.


Sheep takes the security of your server very seriously. It only allows the execution of commands from the PocketMine console, therefore eliminating the possibility of unwanted plugin installation from a compromised operator account.

What's new §
  • Support for API 3.0.0-ALPHA10
  • Load plugins via PluginManager
  • Bugfixes
    • Do not redefine Sheep\PLUGIN_PATH
  • Use absolute paths with require()
  • warn on non-packaged installation
  • improve reliability of Sheep Updater
  • Fix updating
  • Add ALPHA{8,9} support
  • Add vendor directory correctly
    • Sheep no longer crashes on startup
  • Update to API 3.0.0-ALPHA7
  • Bugfixes
Initial version

using v5.0.3
27 Dec 17
Good but have bug about Plugin Name / Version -> Example: Installed Plugin test v1.2.3 but have Latest update you update plugin to v1.4.0 plugin NAME: test v1.2.3 but if you info test plugin Name: test v1.2.3 Version: 1.4.0 The problem are the name***
21 Jan 18
Hi, can you please clarify the issue you are having? Is the info command displaying incorrect information?

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License §
Admin Tools
Developer Tools
Manage plugins
Other files
External Internet clients
Asynchronous tasks

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