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A plugin that adds a sniper to the game!
version 2.0.4-ALPHA
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Plugin Description §


  • AWP Sniper Rifle: Players can wield the AWP sniper rifle (using a spyglass item) to shoot projectiles at entities.
  • Custom Death Messages: When a player is killed by the AWP sniper rifle, custom death messages are displayed, indicating the cause of death. (configurable)
  • Backfire Effect: There is a chance that the sniper rifle backfires and kills the player using it. (configurable)
  • Cooldown System: Shooting the gun mutiple times makes it get hot. So you need to wait a few seconds so It cooldowns down!


  1. Copy the plugin .phar file to the plugins directory of your PocketMine server.
  2. Restart the server to load the plugin.
  3. Get a Spyglass and couple of Gold Nuggets and Start Shooting!


  • custom-death-messages: Set this to true to enable custom death messages when players are killed by the sniper rifle.
  • backfire: Set this to true to enable the chance of the sniper rifle backfiring and killing the player using it.
  • shootable-blocks: Set this to any blocks you want to shoot though (wallbang).

How to Contribute?

We welcome pull requests from anyone interested in improving this project. Before making major changes, please open an issue to discuss your proposed changes and gather feedback from the project maintainers. When submitting a pull request, please ensure that you have updated the relevant tests to reflect your changes and ensure they pass successfully. Other than that, Thank you for your contribution!


  • PocketAI - Code generating AI revolving around Pocketmine-MP
  • NhanAZ - Resource Pack Registry Library
  • RafatAR32_ - Spyglass Sniper Model
What's new §
  • Bug updates & more
  • Fix for issue

using v2.0.4-ALPHA
13 Jun 23
using v2.0.4-ALPHA
13 Jun 23
Sheesh. Haven't tried it but it looks sick!
13 Jun 23
Thanks 😊
Staff Outdated
using v2.0.2-ALPHA
13 Jun 23
Incredibly creative! Thank you for making this, and I'd love to see more plugins like this on poggit!
13 Jun 23
Thank you! Hoping to add more similar plugins to this!

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  • Collaborators:
    • @NopeNotDark
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Admin Tools
Vanilla Mechanics

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