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A PocketMine-MP plugin allows you to convert Minecraft PC maps to MCPE/Bedrock maps or vice-versa.
version 2.2.2
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Plugin Description §



BlocksConverter is a PocketMine-MP plugin that allows you to translate blocks from MC: Java Edition to Bedrock or vice-versa.


This plugin could take some time when converting worlds. While the conversion, don't try to stop or turn off the server until it's finished.



Allows to convert a single world or a queue of world to the platform destination (bedrock or java).

Syntax: /convert <world_name|queue> [backup=true|false] [platform=bedrock|java] [force=true|false]

Permission: blocksconverter.command.convert

Command parameters:

  • <world_name|queue>: it's a mandatory parameter, it requires the name of world to be converted or "queue" to convert a list of worlds. (See /convertqueue for more information)
  • [backup=true|false]: it's an optional parameter, when the value is "true" it creates a backup of your world before the conversion otherwise not. (Default "true")
  • [platform=bedrock|java]: it's an optional parameter, when the value is "bedrock" it converts the world from java to bedrock, when "java" it converts from bedrock to java. (Default "bedrock")
  • [force=true|false]: it's an optional parameter, when the value is "true" you will force the conversion to run (at your own risk!) otherwise not. (Default "false")


Allows to manage worlds to be converted. It's useful when you need to convert more than one world.

Syntax: /convertqueue <add|remove|status> [world_name|all]

Permission: blocksconverter.command.convertqueue

Command alias: /cq

Command parameters:

  • add: It adds one or all worlds in queue before the conversion.
  • remove: It removes one or all worlds from the queue.
  • status: It shows the status of current queue.


Allows showing information about the block you are targeting. (Useful to detect the block ID to replace with).

Permission: blocksconverter.command.toolblock

What's new §
  • Fixed #20 (some Upper Slabs still remain powered rail after the conversion)
  • Fixed some double wooden slab were converted into activator rails (issue #17)
  • Minor improvement on saving chunks (thanks @WeDevelop-OS for letting me know!)
  • Implemented all the missing block conversion, in particular:
    • Podzol
    • Dead bush
    • Pistons are now correctly rotated
    • Purpur blocks (slab, pillar, etc..)
    • Unpowered comparator is now correctly rotated
    • Activator rails
    • Beetroot
    • Frosted ice
    • Dropper
    • Chorus plant
    • Repeating/chain command blocks
    • Observer
    • Glazed terracotta is now correctly rotated
    • Structure block
    • End rods are now correctly rotated
  • Implemented conversion from bedrock world to java! (see the commands for how to do it)
  • The ability to convert the same world more than once is now blocked.
  • Improved /toolblock command performance.
  • Added concrete powder and jungle, acacia and dark oak fences conversion.
  • Drastically improved conversion speed.
  • Glazed Terracotta, End Rod and Concrete blocks can now be converted.
  • Optimized world conversion, it should take less time.
  • Fixed crash in case of missing argument in /convertqueue command.
  • The plugin now requires in the command input the world folder name instead of world name of level.dat
  • Fixed #11: implemented PluginIdentifiableCommand
  • Improved and fixed crash during signs conversion.
  • Fixed error while converting signs with missing colors.
  • Removed blocks.yml configuration, all blocks are now mapped inside the plugin.
  • Added more blocks conversion/rotation.
  • Improved commands code.
  • Implemented /toolblock command.
  • Implemented all chunks loading to be sure all blocks will be converted.
  • Adapted plugin to new poggit rules.
  • Fixed problem with poggit.
  • Bump API to 3.0.0, added support for signs conversion

using v2.2.2
26 May 21
using v2.2.1
21 Mar 21
Very good, but sand stone slabs go to either a dispenser or dropper, idk as it is up side down
21 Mar 21
Thank you! Can you open a issue about with a screenshot?
using v2.2.0
14 Mar 21
Convert queue seems crashing the plugin, maybe you should try reproduce the error.
14 Mar 21
Can you open an issue with the crash log? Thanks
using v2.2.0
14 Mar 21
great plugin makes everything so easy to convert
using v2.2.0
08 Mar 21
using v2.1.1
24 Aug 20
Its kind of a hard work but it works very well
using v2.1.1
24 Aug 20
Nice Plugin and its very Useful
using v2.1.0
19 Jul 20
cool, but i downloaded a java world then tried converting it but it said its not loaded, and i downloaded loadallworlds but that doesnt load it and when i tp it will give me internal server error of course
19 Jul 20
Probably it doesn't load because the java world has a version greater then 1.12.x. The plugin supports only worlds with version <= 1.12.x. If your world is 1.12.x or minor, please open an issue on GitHub.
using v2.0.2
29 Mar 20
using v2.0.1
30 Sep 19
Great plugin. Makes porting Java maps super simple. Dev is quick to respond to issues.
01 Oct 19
Thank you! :)
using v1.0.3
24 Jan 19
Worked perfectly
01 Oct 19
Thank you! :)
using v1.0
25 Nov 17
Yes, it is good but the config file has no way or explanation of how to convert say, this PC block to a BE block.
30 Nov 17
Sorry about that, I immediately update the README file ( Soon will be updated in this page too.

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