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A plugin that allows you to manage certain events in certain regions of the world.
version 1.1.1
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Plugin Description §


RegionProtect is temporarily called a protected region? Once the designated region is protected, the player will no longer worry about the features in a world, and when entering that region, it will display the title to let the player know the characteristics of the region there.

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  • Show title when entering region.
  • Allow or disallow pvp in the region.
  • Allow or disallow block breaking in the region.
  • Allow or disallow placing in the region.
  • Allow or disallow touching (interaction) in the region.

How to use?

  1. /region wand - Take the wooden ax and choose the vector.
  2. Select the start and end points to set up the frameset for the region.
  3. /region create - You are required to fill in information to create an region.
  4. /region edit <regionName> - Edit the region the you wants.


Permission Description
regionprotect.command.use Basic permission to be able to use the Region feature.
regionprotect.interactive.use Permission is allowed to interact in the forbidden region. (Developing)


  • [ ] Notification type: subtitle, mess, popup, tip.
  • [ ] Sound.
  • [ ] Etc.


# If true, show title when player enters an region.
show-title: true

# Warning message are sent to players when their actions are blocked.
warning-message: "Can't do this in the standing region."

# Timeout between warning message in seconds.
waiting-message: 3

# Operator players can still act in the forbidden region.
interactive-operator: true


You can contact me directly through the platforms listed below


GNU General Public License v3.0

What's new §
  • Bump version to 1.1.1
    • Fixed Cannot use non-existing permission "region.command.use"

using v1.1.0
26 Jun 22
needs serious fixing, cant even start server as one of the permissions doesnt exist and causes server to crash. once that gets fixed, ill be sure to edit my review and use this plugin!
using v1.1.0
25 Jun 22

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